Forge Fathers: Faction Overview

9th May 2016



The Forge Father Star Realm stands apart from the monolithic GCPS. Ancient beyond measure and possessing significantly more advanced technology than humanity, these industrious aliens have stubbornly refused to be kneel to the Council of Seven’s rule. Relations between the Star Realm and the GCPS are tense, but as always, trade proves to be a universal language. The Forge Fathers build some of the Council’s most advance technology and sell it to them – at a substantial profit – while keeping the best technology for themselves.


In appearance, Forge Fathers are similar to humans, although shorted and stockier in stature. Standing 4′-5′ tall , with dense bones and heavy-set musculature, they are highly resilient. Forge Fathers have lengthy lifespans that measure in centuries and their demeanor reflects this. They are patient, slow to act and slow to forget. Whilst humanity spreads across the stars with frighteningly aggressive speed, the Forge Fathers are content to outlast them and have the last laugh. It’s not uncommon for contracts and resource exploitation to last for many years; the one commodity the Forge Fathers have in abundance is time.


When a planet is quarantined under a Containment Protocol, the Forge fathers seize their chance. The planet’s resources are free to be exploited, so the light-fingered Brokkrs are dispatched to start stripping the planet of anything of value. Deadzones are dangerous places and so the Star Realm backs their forces up with heavily armoured Steel Warriors, Forge Guard and Iron Ancestors. These veterans’ weapons make a mockery of the enemies’ armour, whilst their own defences render them almost impervious to harm. It’s a risk to mount such an incursion into GCPS space, but one that the Forge Fathers gladly take. If their forces are caught, then the Star Realm can always claim that they are rogue elements not under their orders. Ultimately, the GCPS can hardly declare war over a planet which they claim never existed.


If you want to field a force that can take masses of punishment, whilst responding in kind, then the Forge Fathers are for you. What they lack in speed they more than make up for in firepower and sheer survive-ability.

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