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It’s Friday so that means we have new releases up for Pre-Order today!

With the new edition of Deadzone well under way and Firefight just around the corner, new releases are spreading like the plague!

Plague Infection Starter

The Plague is a lifeform unlike anything else in existence. It infects and consumes and mutates almost every living thing it touches, even including that nice old lady’s dog from down the road.

This new starter set has everything you need to start causing havoc in Deadzone as a new recruit to the Plague ranks.

  • 10x Plastic Plague 3rd Generation troopers (and two dogs)
  • 1x Resin Plague Sentient


Plague Outbreak Booster

Just as the Plague spreads and grows, so will your urge to add more and more to your strike team! The Outbreak Booster is a perfect way to add more troop choices and specialists:

  • 10x  Plastic Plague Zombies Sprue
  • 2x Resin Plague Swarms


Plague Mutation Booster

Humans are, of course, not the only race susceptible to infection, but Teratons are a particularly threatening vector.

Stage 1 hosts are brutes and undeniably powerful. Many Enforcer commanders refer to these creatures as Plague Lords, reflective of their obvious command and control of the monstrous Plague armies rampaging ahead of them.

This booster contains:

  • 1x Resin Plague 1st Gen
  • 1x Resin plague Teraton


Plague Corruption

It was the Corruption in the Deadzone with the lead pipe!

You may have seen some clues (or blatant showings) of this model a little while ago, well it’s finally hitting the shelves!

Bigger than a Plague Lord and more powerful than an Aberration, the hulking creature known as a Corruption is a rare and terrifying sight. Four, thick arms ripple with muscle under shifting flesh, each ending in a boulder-like fist. Its lower jaw can dislocate and split into two – allowing it to swallow most victims whole. Along its back, a hard carapace is topped with wicked-looking spikes of bone. And like a Plague Lord, it has the intelligence to command.

  • 1x Resin Plague Corruption


Plague Leapers

Second generation infected are a stunningly brutal mix of power, speed, and aggression. Post-mortem exams of specimens revealed a massive increase in muscle fibre density explaining the ability of such a large creature to ‘leap’ across a battlefield.

  • 3x Resin Plague Leapers


All the units above can be used in both Deadzone and Firefight with full stats in both sets of force lists.


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The Plague is a highly virulent form of alien bio-weapon. Once the Plague starts to spread on a colony or planet, the only way to stop it is via blockades, Deadzones and planetary isolation. This set is a great way to start your Plague army, or expand an existing force to challenge your opponents and spread the terror of the Plague!

Learn more about the game and keep up to date with the latest Firefight news here.

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Plague Aberrations are errors of the Plague’s forced restructure of a host body. Twisted beyond recognition from their original form, this colossal monster’s overwhelming urge is to kill all living beings on sight.

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Contents: 1 Multipart Plastic Mule Transport with Plague upgrade components and weapon options. Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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The walking husks of the Plague have their minds scoured by the infection until their only drive is to kill. Zombies shamble into battle for the alien virus that robbed them of their humanity.

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