So, with Operation Heracles soon to be released, we thought we’d take a look at the units included in the box and how they fare on the tabletop. Today we’ll be looking at the Enforcers in the Operation Heracles Two Player Battle Set – who are from the Perseus North Battalion.

Both Warpath and Firefight have similar army lists, so these comparisons will apply in either game.

Enforcers are your core troops. That being said, they have elite stats compared to other forces, with your standard rifle-armed strike team being able to lay down accurate and effective firepower. Alternatively, you could kit them out as Assault Enforcers, who are consummate close combat troops. Both of these units have access to weapon upgrades, such as the supressing Burst Laser or the devastating Incinerator, which you can swap out, depending upon the role you want them to play. On top of this, with a speed of 6” and the Anti-Grav special rule, they can traverse the battlefield very quickly.

Enforcer unit leaders are more powerful than those of other armies. While they come with the customary boost to the unit’s morale, unlike other factions, they also give the unit access to the Enforcers’ chain of command. This means that taking a unit commander for each of your squads in games greatly increases the number and range of orders that you can use – turning your already effective troops into a well-oiled fighting machine. Operation Heracles comes with enough hard plastic components to build five Enforcers, armed with rifles or pistols and Wristblades. There are also options to assemble one trooper with either a Burst Laser or Incinerator and a Sergeant, who can take a rifle, pistol, Wristblade or Energy Gauntlet.

Pathfinders serve as scouts and advanced recon for Enforcer forces. Their Recon rule allows them to set up way ahead of the main force – usually in a vantage point from which they can bring their Sniper Rifles to bear. These weapons are great for supressing enemy troops, as well as tagging priority targets for the rest of army army. Tagging gives friendly units bonuses to their shooting against the enemy unit that has been targeted, which can be great for eliminating threats early on or clearing objectives to deny your opponent points in games.

Ultimately, the downside of Pathfinders are that their cumbersome weapons and lack of armour put them in danger. They aren’t likely to escape if attacked, nor can they take much damage, so use your forces wisely to cover them. If you want to add a little more punch to the unit, you can always opt to take a DOG Drone. This adds a droid to the group, who wields a Burst Laser, adding to the unit’s already considerable suppressing power. Operation Heracles includes five hard plastic Pathfinders, with options to add a Sergeant and DOG Drone with Burst Laser.

Warpath Operation Heracles

In an army of elites, the Peacekeepers are truly formidable warriors. With stronger armour and more powerful weapons, they tend to be less common than other Enforcers though. In terms of efficiency in combat, however, a squad of Peacekeepers is worth double the equivalent number of Enforcers.

Peacekeepers excel in both ranged and melee combat at the same time, as each member of a squad carriers a ‘Dominator’ Double Laser Rifle and Energy Gauntlet. Like regular Enforcers, they can be upgraded with either a Burst Laser or Incinerator to add to the combat effectiveness. For an even more effective fighting force, you can give your Peacekeepers Defender Shields. These armoured plates act as mobile cover, meaning that the unit always has the bonuses for being in cover, even in the open. Operation Heracles includes five hard plastic Peacekeepers with Dominator Rifles and Energy Gauntlets, with options to take a Burst Laser, an Incinerator, a Sergeant and Defender Shields.

Finally, to lead your force there is the Enforcer Captain. Equipped with specialised Peacekeeper armour and weaponry, he is formidable in battle, but his true value lies in the ability to issue commands to troops. These can be game changing when used correctly, giving your forces an extra chance or ability to turn the tide of the battle. In Firefight, he is fielded on his own, whereas in Warpath he can be added to the Peacekeepers. Operation Heracles includes one PVC Plastic Enforcer Captain, with an optional cape and choice of helmets.

Tomorrow, we’ll go through the Forge Fathers of the Brudrheim, who oppose the Enforcers on Triton in Operation Heracles. You’ll be able to pick up the box set from all good hobby retailers in April and you can pre-order it here.

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