After previously reviewing the mighty Enforcers and inscrutable Forge Fathers included in the Operation Heracles Two-player Battle Set, today we’re continuing our closer look at Operation Heracles with some of the units in the Warpath Operation Heracles Mega Battle Set. You see, there are actually two editions available – a smaller £49.99 one that’s perfect for getting started with Firefight and a larger £99.99 version that’s great for Warpath. So, what’s the difference? Well, let’s take a look…


Operation Heracles Two Player Mega Battle Set

For the Enforcers, one of the upgrades you’ll get in the Mega Battle Set is four Jetbikes. Although the Enforcers are pretty nippy already (with a speed stat of 6) the addition of Jetbikes will really ensure you can capture those all-important objectives early in the game. Jetbikes have a whopping speed of 12 and are armed with Twin Laser Assault Rifles that hit on 3+ with six dice. As a result, you can hit the enemy hard and fast before the rest of the infantry troops arrive behind.

Operation Heracles Two Player Mega Battle Set

Along with the Jetbikes, Enforcers can also add a Strider to their army. These powerful mechs certainly make an imposing sight as they walk across the battlefield. Their primary weapon is a Polaris Cannon, which has the Anti-Tank [D6] special rule, so it’s perfect for taking out the heavily armoured vehicles of the opposition. However, if you fancy taking on troops rather than tanks, then there’s the option of equipping the Strider with a Heavy Flamethrower and Chainsaw to make it an Urban Assault Strider. The addition of a flamethrower will ensure it’s capable of easily clearing buildings, while the Chainsaw is actually pretty handy against vehicles, as it has the Anti-Tank [D3] rule.


With the Forge Fathers, the main difference in the Mega Battle set is that you’re going to get lots of Steel Warrior sprues (a total of 30 individual miniatures, in fact). The benefit of having all these individual models is that you can kit them out as Steel Warriors (the determined backbone of any Forge Father army) or as Stormrage Veterans. The latter come equipped with some hefty weaponry like Hailstorm Autocannons, which are perfect for laying down suppressive fire, or Magman Cannons, which have a range of 36″ and the Anti-Tank [D3+2] rule. With 30 minis to choose from, you’ve got plenty of options for creating your ideal teams.

However, arguably the most exciting addition for the Forge Fathers is a beefy Iron Ancestor. That’s right, not to be outdone by the Enforcers, the Forge Fathers have got their own mech! The Iron Ancestor is literally a walking tank with an impressive defence stat of 8+, which means your opponent will need a decent can opener to get the Iron Ancestor open.

Operation Heracles Two Player Mega Battle Set

It’s also worth noting that the Iron Ancestors are piloted by experienced Forge Father warriors. Inside the powerful Antikk armour, you’ll find a veteran Forge Father commander who adds an extra dice to your command pool. Command dice are important, as you’ll be able to use them to issue special orders during the course of the game, so the more you have, the more options you have to take the fight to the enemy!

Finally, the Mega Battle Set comes with team bases to pop your miniatures in. Rather like Kings of War, which steamlines mass fantasy battles with the idea of multibasing, in Warpath you create teams of miniatures and move them around the table in groups. The team bases make this process a breeze and are vital for making your games of Warpath as smooth as possible.

The Warpath Operation Heracles Two Player Mega Battle Set is available to pre-order from the Mantic website or you’ll be able to pick it up from your local hobby store in April.

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