Are you ready for the Deadzone Global Campaign? Well, you better be because it kicks off on May 16th! The Battle for Magnetar will see factions fighting for the future of the continent-spanning city first revealed in the Deadzone: Third Edition rulebook. If you thought the Veer-myn were the only problem facing the residents of Magnetar, then you’re sadly mistaken!

Since Containment Protocols were declared, the beleaguered city has attracted attention from all over the galaxy. Although billed as an ‘entertainment planet’, if you scratch below the glittering surface, there’s a much darker side to Magnetar that’s ripe for the taking.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your faction and battle it out to take control of Magnetar’s various districts. Each week we’ll be unveiling a new district in the city to clash over, with some (optional) narrative rules available for that location, before ending in a dramatic finale for the future of Magnetar. See how excited Ronnie is in the video below!


We’re making it as easy as possible to take part in the campaign. First up, there’s no point minimum or maximum. If you want to play intro games with just 100pts, then go ahead. Or if you fancy some epic, 250pt skirmishes, then we salute you! We want you to play games that suit you.

Once the campaign officially begins on the 16th, we’ll be opening up a new location each Monday. This will give you more options about where to fight it out, as the struggle spreads throughout Magnetar. As each location opens up, you’ll then be able to choose where you hold your skirmishes. Perhaps the Nameless have taken the harbour, and you want to strike back? Maybe you’re a Plague player that wants to maintain control of the entertainment district? The choice is yours!

Check out the campaign site here.


From Monday, we’ll be opening up a new section of the campaign website, where you can submit the results of your games. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you playing this weekend, if you want to get an early start. The data required is:

  • points
  • scenario
  • location
  • player one name
  • player one faction
  • player two name
  • player two faction
  • winner
  • special rules used?
  • where did you play?

This will then be used to determine the winner of each location. At the end of the campaign, the locations controlled by each faction will decide who wins overall. The ongoing narrative of Deadzone will be affected by the outcome too.


The campaign will end with a spectacular all-out war in the wastelands surrounding Magnetar City, using the newly released Firefight rules. If you want to get your Firefight Strike Force ready, this element of the campaign will be launching on June 13th and lasts a week.

Firefight battle shot Asterians vs Forge Fathers on Glacier

The results of the Deadzone conflicts will feed into the Firefight element too. Depending on who has won each area of Magnetar City, there will be special rules for that faction in Firefight. Stay tuned for more details on what those will be!

So, what are you waiting for? Dust off your Strike Teams and prepare for battle!

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The best sci-fi skirmish game is about to get better. Third Edition takes everything you love about Deadzone and turns it up to an exploding 8.

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