You wake up in the hospital. It’s quiet… too quiet. The last thing you remember was the car accident. That crazy truck driver just smashing into you and then, nothing. The hospital is weirdly quiet. Beds are toppled everywhere. Equipment is smashed. Computers are broken. What’s happened?

You leave the hospital, hoping to find refuge at a nearby campsite. It’s abandoned. Some of the tents are still standing, but others are ripped and torn. Hearing the growls of your empty stomach, you spy a picnic basket but it’s protected by a strangely aggressive duck. It spies you getting close and chases you off. You can still hear its furious quacks are you enter the forest.

Finally you arrive at the mall. Surely you’ll find some food here? You grab some new clothes from a rack, ignoring what could be blood stains on the pants. You hear ominous moans drifting through the empty aisles. Shuffling footsteps echo through the store. The odd quack and the sound of webbed feet skittering around the checkout puts you on edge. You gather whatever food you can from a a half-empty vending machine and make for the exit.

You run outside to find a small group of soldiers defending a meagre supply of rations. Your eyes can’t believe what you see. Hordes of moving corpses are assaulting the makeshift barricades. Their constant moans almost drown out the rapid gunfire of the soldiers. One of them turns to you to shout a warning but it’s too late. An undead duck leaps on you and tears at your throat, ensuring you are its latest victim. You are now the Walking Bread.

Welcome to the new range of TerrainCrate! After concentrating on dungeon dressings and fantasy themes with the first TerrainCrate releases, this time we’re focusing on something completely different – the end of the world.

Ahead of the pre-orders going live this Friday on the Mantic website (and heading into stores later this month), this week we’re delving a little more into the latest TerrainCrate releases to show you why’s it’s just so damn awesome.

Tune in tomorrow to find out a little more about the story behind TerrainCrate 2! And, please, don’t have nightmares about ducks tonight.

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