This October, we’ll be running our annual Kings of War Tournament – the Clash of Kings. This has been a Mantic staple for many years, before Kings of War was officially released we were playtesting rules with this event. These days, it’s an amazing gathering of Kings of War players, not just from the UK, and still as inclusive as it has always been.


Battle Your Way to the Top!


This year, each player needs to bring an army of up to 2,000 points, using one of the 19 available army lists – from Dwarfs to the Empire of Dust! Players are registered then randomly matched up to play. As each game is played, players will score points and take on attrition. The winner at the end of the event will be the player with the most points. First, Second and Third all place, as well as other prizes such as ‘Most Sporting‘, ‘Best Army‘ and the infamous ‘Wooden Spoon‘ (last place :P).


The Kings of War Rules Committee have been hard at work, creating two new play scenarios for the tournament pack as well as tweaking rules for the event – you can download these here. The tournament will last for two days – from Saturday 22nd October to Sunday 23rd October, at the end of which the winner will be announced and prizes awarded.


Taking Part

If you’re planning on attending, you’ll need a number of things. Firstly, you’ll need a ticket. there’s only a limited number of space available for the event, so make sure to order now before they sell out!


Secondly you’ll need a Kings of War army of 2,000 points, from either the Kings of War Rulebook, Uncharted Empires, or the Free Rules section of our site. If you are looking at collecting an army specifically for Clash of Kings, then a Kings of War Mega Force will give you about 2,000 points worth of models. You’ll need to write a full army list and to bring a few copies with you to show players and organisers.

You’ll also need gaming paraphernalia such as dice, tape measure, wound markers, objective counters, chess clock/stopwatch and so on. Drinks are also important, as you will be standing and playing for a few hours.
Most importantly, have fun! Kings of War tournaments tend to be laid back affairs where like minded players get together and enjoy their hobby and it’s completely open to both new and old players of the game. I’ll see you there!

Tickets for the Clash of Kings are available here – there’s less than thirty spaces left, so make sure you get yours before they’re gone!

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