Armada is a miniatures-based naval wargame that recreates epic battles on the seas of Pannithor. It’s set in the same world as our hugely popular mass battle game, Kings of War.

It’s based on the Black Seas ruleset from Warlord Games but has been revised to make it feel more like a fantasy game and to ensure it fits with the style of other Mantic products.

The rules are extremely simple to learn, with gameplay split into these main areas:

  • Wind and Iniative
  • Movement
  • Shooting
  • Boarding
  • Ramming & Evading

In the following videos you can learn all about these elements of the game to help you get started!

Matt and Rob introduce the series

To learn more about Armada, make sure you check out this blog here.

The Armada Two Player Starter Set is the perfect place to start your journey onto the seas of Pannithor. Inside you’ll find everything you need for two-players to start their own fleet of courageous Basileans or marauding orcs, along with a rulebook, tokens, ship cards and a paper gaming mat. The fight for the oceans is about to begin!

Learn all about Armada HERE!

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