Let us take you on a Dungeon Adventure

17th Apr 2023

Martin Thirlwell

‘As I skulk from one dark room to the next, I hear voices in the distance. The sounds of anguish and pain hit my ears as a flash of light and the sound of water running sends a shiver down my spine… will I find it? I HAVE TO FIND IT!’

Hello, Martin here! That was just me looking for my pen this morning at Mantic HQ.

What I am really here to talk to you about are the Dungeon Adventures. With two brand new adventures now available, and a whole range of extra RPG miniatures, its the perfect time to take a look!

Dungeon Adventures: Volumes 1 – 4

The adventure boxes contain an adventure book containing everything you need to run a one-shot or to include it in your existing campaign. They include an expansive story, map, terrain, and all the minion stats your group meets along the way.

Vol. 1 Into the Necromancer’s LairJourney into the heart of a sinister mausoleum, plagued with undead horrors.

Vol.2 Secrets of Wizard’s TowerCan you unlock the puzzles and mysteries of the arcane tower?

Vol. 3 Beware the Green RageThe Orc rabble has become organised and very dangerous. Can your party defeat the warlord?

Vol. 4 Curse of the VampireAttack by day or by night? Choose how to defeat an insidious vampire.

RPG Miniature Packs

The Dungeon Adventures range offers more than just the 4 adventure sets. We have released a HUGE number of RPG miniature sets for use alongside the Adventure sets and beyond!

This month we have the following available, so make to nag your Dungeon Master and get hold of some for your campaign:

  • Terrors – Evil lurks in the shadows of the world, and sometimes, those shadows are evil themselves. This pack contains the terrors that go bump in the night.
  • Demons – The unwary and insane may summon demons and foul beings from other planes, but they are never truly in control of them. Such creatures are the scourge of dungeons and other perilous places.
  • The Pious – Great as NPCs or alternative antagonists for your heroes to battle, this pack features a range of warrior nuns and paladins – and their faithful pets.
  • Northern Clans – The hardy clans of the north are an amalgam of fierce outcasts from many lands. This pack contains a range of models that make great NPC encounters or minions to cause trouble along your players’ path through the frozen wilderness.
  • Dungeon Rogues – This fantastic set contains some unusual NPCs and bosses to add a new dimension to your games – or even use them as anti-heroes!
  • Dungeon Bosses – New bosses for your players to encounter – from a guitar wielding ogre to a werewolf/dwarf – there’s lots of fun to be had with this great model pack.
  • Trident Warriors – Don’t get too close to the water’s edge… you never know what’s lurking under the surface. This amazing model pack gives you a great range of watery creatures to do battle with your unsuspecting heroes.
  • Halflings – What’s more dangerous than a hungry halfling? A hungry halfling with weapons and hungry friends! Will your heroes escape the clutches of these little troublemakers?
  • Flame and Ice Markers – This handy set of 3D markers is great for representing the ongoing effects of fire and magical spells in your games.

These are just a few of the available miniatures sets, all available right now!

Check back later in the week as we have a bit of a delve into the mind of Andrew jones, the writer for all of our Dungeon Adventures!