Like lambs to the slaughter, Mantic staff are continuing to openly pledge their hobby resolutions on the blog. We’ve already seen Rob and Martin put their head on the chopping block, before Kirsten showed everyone up with a resolution list that was more like War & Peace. Today’s willing victim is Jonny from t’warehouse. He assures us that’s somewhere in Yorkshire.

‘ey up, Jonny here. 

Having escaped the clutches of Ricky and his ship casting empire, I am back in the warehouse and with a smidgen more free time to ponder over the pile of grey shame. 

During the run up to Kings of War Third Edition being released, I started a Nightstalker army and got a good amount finished but since then it has grown to “giant” proportions and I really should stop neglecting it.

As I rough round up, I need to finish and paint another two Shadowhulks (I’ve made a list that can take three, I know, overkill), like the first one, pictured here, they will be getting head swaps to become “pumpkin giants™️”.

I have two hordes of men at arms that were originally lined up for something else and are collecting dust. So now I want to use these as doppelgangers but add some other units/figures into the ranks, goblins, ogres and such, to represent the ever changing abilities of the unit. Then I think I just need to build my Soulfllayers.

Aside from Kings of War, I’d really like to make some dioramas, models that I love but perhaps don’t play the game for. I still have lots of cool Hellboy bits I want to paint and I really want to do some fun Armada pieces when I’m able to look at boats without crying. 

Should I get all this finished in a reasonable time frame, I’ll hopefully be able to fit in another small project later in the year too… 

When the power of the Abyss waxes strong, large forces of Nightstalkers tear their way into reality. Mewling, skittering hordes advance, led by ancient cyclopean beings from the darkest depths of existence. Survivors of such attacks are rare and all who do escape lose their minds and souls forever.

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Titans of the ether, these former giant Cyclopes retain only a passing resemblance to their long forgotten mortal forms. Now, they are covered in weeping sores, extra mouths, wicked spines, and hands that have fused into fleshless lumps of solid bone.

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