Mantic Vault: December 2023 Preview

30th Nov 2023

Elliott Barratt

Hi everyone,

For our fast-growing Mantic Vault community, we have a real treat for you coming tomorrow.

(Not heard about the Vault? It’s our STL library for 3D Printing fans, packed full of amazing miniatures and upgrade packs. Click the link at the end of the blog to check it out!)

As it’s almost December, the next pack is all about getting some elves on your shelves (and even better, on your gaming table).

Good Elves, Bad Elves, Space Elves…we love them all. Let’s break it down:

Kings of War: Twilight Kin Army Miniatures

  • Twilight Kin Assassin – Full Miniature
  • Twilight Kin Character – La’theal Bleakheart – Full Miniature
  • Twilight Kin Summoner Crone – Full Miniature
  • Twilight Kin Soulbane on Nightmare – Upgrade Pack (compatible with Mikayel, Lord of Nightmares kit)

Kings of War: Elf Army Miniatures

  • Elf Tree Herder – Full Miniature
  • Elf Drakon Riders – Full Unit
  • Elf Lord on Drakon – Full Miniature

Deadzone: Asterian Strike Team Miniatures

  • Asterian Character – Nastanza – Full Miniature

Armada: Elf Fleet Miniatures

  • Elf Leafblade – Full Miniature
  • Elf Drakon’s Fury – Full Miniature
  • Elf Wave Dancer – Full Miniature
  • Elf Storm Chaser – Full Miniature
  • Elf Argus Squadron – Full Miniature

That’s a lot to keep you busy over the holidays! We can’t wait to see your Vault hobby projects, so don’t forget to post them in the Vault Fanatics group.

We’ve also just launched our new painting competition for December, all based around our first hero bust: the Twilight Kin Navigator. This is based on an unreleased version of the final Kings of War sculpt – you’ll find this awesome new project in the Welcome Pack.

Happy printing and painting everyone,

Team Mantic


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Twilight Kin Character: Mikayel, Lord of Nightmares

A Soulbane of nigh-unprecedented cruelty and ambition, Mikayel is known and feared across the vast reaches of Pannithor and beyond. His title, Lord of Nightmares, is well-earned indeed, for none can sleep soundly when Mikayel is abroad. He can strike anywhere he pleases in the lands of mortals and is engaged on a deadly mission to gain ascendancy over the other Dark Lords of the Twilight Kin’s subterranean realm.

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Twilight Kin Heroes

Leading the Corsairs, whether aboard ship or in battle, are the Void Captains and Navigators, while Summoner Crones are thaumaturges whose presence greatly benefits any Twilight Kin force. A Soulbane is the ultimate horror – a stable mutant, so malevolent and warped by the void as to be unrecognisable from the individual that birthed the monster they have become.

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Forces of Nature Forest Shamblers

Forest shamblers – elemental constructs of wood, foliage and earth lumber into battle against the enemies of the elven realms. Though slow to anger, when awoken they are mighty and  determined defenders of their woodland home.

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Asterian War Clade Starter

The Asterians venerate the pursuit of universal balance above all else, their very society based around this concept. Their disdain of warfare and violence has led to the development of technology which allows their finest warriors to fight on the battlefield without physical risk, piloting sophisticated remote drones from orbit known as Cyphers which are as nimble and capable as a living being, with the added bonuses of far superior speed, strength and endurance.

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Armada: Rulebook

Armada is a tabletop game for two or more players. Choose your side and then command a fleet of Mantic miniatures to represent powerful navies such as the stoic and pious Basileans, or plot carnage and destruction with the rampaging orcs. With a range of beautiful ship models to choose from and many stories to tell, Armada is truly an amazing spectacle to play and witness. The 96-page rulebook contains the core rules, 10 action-packed scenarios and advanced rules for potentially devastating weather effects.

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Armada Extra Dice set

Armada uses a unique combination of multicoloured D10s and D6s for various tests throughout the game. Get all the dice you’ll need, including exclusive Armada D6 with a special icon!

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