Despite the fact the Deadzone campaign has just come to an end, that isn’t the end of the Deadzone goodness. Today we’re excited to announce there are now Deadzone stats for the new Marauder miniatures released as part of the Firefight launch. Perfect timing if you’ve just started your Firefight Strike Force and want to use them in Deadzone too. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at those stats.


Phew, there’s a lot of text to digest there, so we’ll try and break it down for you. Basically, None Shall Pass is the Assault equivalent of overwatch. Instead of shooting when they see an enemy moving around the board, they’ll basically charge into combat when an opponent gets too close. This can be given to any friendly player on the board, so you could use it to guard objectives, if you haven’t quite got the movement to get to the objective yourself.

In terms of stats, the Warlord is going to be tough to shift off the board, thanks to the Armour 2 and 3 HP, combined with a 4+ Survive. Then again, you’ll need to keep an eye on Rampage once they start taking damage. Meanwhile, the Rotary Cannon and Buzzsaw gives the Warlord decent options for ranged or close combat.

Admittedly the Warlord doesn’t come cheap (they’re the most expensive Marauder Leader) but for the 36pts you do get Tactician (2), which means there’s more opportunity to trigger None Shall Pass.


That high-pitched squealing you can hear is the sound of me being extremely excited to see more goblins entering the world of Deadzone. Yes, they’re not quite hard plastic sci-fi goblins, but they’re certainly a good start. With the Goblin Weapon Team you can build two options: HEW Beamer Targeter Team and Missile Launcher Team.

The former has the Prey keyword, which places a Prey marker on an enemy once they’re hit. Any unit Assaulting an enemy with a Prey marker gains a +1 bonus. This is going to give a great bonus to the likes of Brawlers, while Mawbeasts will become even more of a threat.

Alongside the Beamer, the second option is the Missile Launcher. Frag (3) is nothing to be sniffed at and will be handy for clearing cubes pack with enemy models, or simply pinning them.

However, you will need to watch out for the Bike keyword, as it does restrict some of the Weapon Team’s movement. After all, you can’t really expect the goblins to heaving that big gun up and down walls!


This is a really exciting addition to the Marauder list because it just gives you so many list building options. You see as part of the Firefight release, we introduced a new set of resin Skyscrapers, however we made sure the set is compatible with the new hard plastic Marauders. As a result, you can use any spare heads and arms you’ve got from your troops on the resin. This means the existing entry of just two Skyscrapers has grown to a spectacular eight.

From a personal point of view, this gives so many options for cool-looking models, but also there’s plenty of tactical choice too. The Aerial Deployment keyword means you can immediately get up close and personal with weapons like the Flamer or Missile Launcher. Alternatively, you’ve got the option to deploy the HMG on top of some terrain to give it a +1 for Height, so you can start Pinning fools.

You may also notice that Skyscrapers now have the Evade keyword. This will be helpful in keeping them alive for a little bit longer, as they can potentially dodge out of trouble when they’ve been shot at.


If you fancy giving these new units a spin, then we’ve included the stats on EasyArmy for free. Enjoy your list building Marauder fans!

Commandos are the frontline troops of most Orc armies and are as versatile as they are fearless. Most will have been trained by veterans of the Mandrake rebellion against the GCPS. Sometimes their weapons and armour might not meet the same specifications as a modern GCPS Marine’s gear, but their readiness to fight and will to win are unmatched.

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Although they’re not capable of true flight, the speed and manoeuvrability afforded by their jump packs make the Skyscrapers valued assault troops for Marauder generals. Few forces are prepared for the sudden impact and close range fire of a jet-propelled commando.

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