Metal to Resin – The Great Switcharoo – Stage One

8th Mar 2022

Jonny Mann

As you may well have seen during our Christmas blogs, we have launched a rather ambitious, yet totally awesome project for the coming year, to move a wide range of metal miniatures into resin. Not only does this make them easier to build, better to ship and less likely to fall through the gaming table under their own weight. It also means we can show of the high levels of detail in these sculpts like they deserve.
Today we would like to show you some comparisons between the old metal models and their new and improved resin brethren.


Ferocious and powerful, the Lykanis is the Alpha of werewolves and now it really shows it! Just get a look at those popping veins. Having assembled both for this article, the resin figure fits together far more seamlessly.

Enslaved Guardians

Enslaved into ensorcelled runic armour, these desert spirits are an impressive hammer in the empire’s arsenal, or so the lore reads, however the runic armour was rather runeless and their size not so impressive… until now! The resin Guardians show off all the intricate runes and even tint scarabs running all over the body, that were until now lost in the softness of the metal.

We have also scaled up the figures to the height of something like a snow troll! As you can see in the image below, it makes a big (literally) difference.

Zombie Troll

The zombie trolls were already a very nice set of models even in metal, however we can all agree, they weighed more than a wet Frost Fang! Moving these into resin makes then a joy to move around the table, not a health and safety hazard. Some of the already great detail will be a lot sharper in the new resin too. 

Please bear in mind that the Great Switch will take time, so not all metal minis will be switching to resin straight away. You may find that your fantastic local gaming store may hold older stock of metal models for quite some time. Whilst the switch is in motion you may receive either metal or resin versions.

The initial batch includes:

Dwarf Sharpshooters (metal components)
Enslaved Guardian Regiment
Earth Elementals
Tundra Wolves
Lord Skald
zombie trolls
Water Elementals
Soul Reaver cavalry troop (metal components)
Forest Shambler Regiment 
Silverbreeze Cavalry Troop (metal components)

We will be moving more metal into resin in the near future so stay tuned for another article later in the year.