Hello and welcome to the Midweek Round-Up.

This is the place to find all the best hobby content from in and around the Mantic community over the last week or so.

Get your paintbrush at the ready, ‘cos you’re about to feel inspired!

With Firefight now available for Pre-Order, its great seeing so many fantastic models from the Warpath universe out in the community, be it for Firefight, Deadzone or Warpath. Matt Gee has painted this Strider superbly and modelled him resting his foot, he clearly must be quite tyred…

We love the colour scheme on Joshua Cheeter’s Enforcers! Top job!

Our Very own Martin Thirlwell is continuing his Mission to fill his office with Orcs by putting together these Hordes of Riftforged Helstrikers. Whilst they do rank up on a movement tray, Martin has chosen to make his life easier by multibasing them with the back rank high up on a ledge.

miniartpaint has been painting all the miniatures from the Hellboy: The Board Game.

“I hate those comic books. They never get the eyes right.”

Well you certainly got them right!

Jonathan Faulkes has been busy with his Twilight Kin fleet, The colour of the sails is great and works well against the purple hull.

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The elite warriors of the legion, who have proven themselves many times in battle, are often formed into hard-hitting Helstriker units. Initiation into these savage airborne cavalry units is an ordeal in itself, for the chosen legionary must first select their mount from the legion’s winged manticores. In battle, Helstrikers are tasked with swooping over the enemy ranks, causing as much disruption as possible by tearing apart enemy wizards, artillery teams and commanders, before launching devastating charges into the rear of larger formations, putting even the most powerful foes to flight.

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The Enforcers’ strike protocol relies on rapid insertion into to a combat zone in order to achieve a key objective, before withdrawing with equal speed. To this end, heavily armed jetbikes will clear the way ahead of a team of versatile highly-trained Enforcer operatives, who will execute their own orders with extreme prejudice.

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Plated in reinforced armour and carrying the heavy ‘Aggressor’ shield, the Ajax Siege Strider can withstand an enormous amount of fire as it crosses the battlefield to crack fortifications with its grav-ram spear in the very heart of enemy lines.

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Riftforged legions are organised into cohorts, each led by a Stormbringer – an orc of exceptional power and cunning, whose exposure to rift-energy has increased their physical strength, while often leaving them hideously scarred. Stormbringers are the foci of the legions – while but one of them draws breath, the power of the storm still rages, energising the horde.

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