Hello and welcome to the Midweek Round-Up.

This is the Number One place to find all the best hobby content from in and around the Mantic community over the last week or so. See what your fellow painters have been up to, or even see if you have been featured! Find the latest videos from around the hobby and most importantly… get inspired to pick up that paintbrush.

It’s not often we as painters and hobbyists can get too excited about doors right?

Well take a look at these Sci Fi Doors from juefoxdemesa

You can never have/watch enough unboxing videos of the Firefight Two Player Set! This is a great video and will have follow on painting videos and a battle report!

Talking of Firefight, Brian has been painting a Veer-Myn strike force.

A really nice colour scheme, executed brilliantly.

Just like the Deadzone Campaign, the rats are everywhere!!

Andy Bryant has also been painting these cute little fur-balls of destruction.

Out on the open ocean, Dan Brugman has done a fantastic job on this Salamander Drake!

Especially great work on the hull!

These Ogres look splendid don’t they?

The basing is great and very realistic and thematic!

Check out this incredible Halfling Iron Beast!

The metalwork and wood are exceptional!

If you are in the Borehamwood (UK) area on Tuesday the 24th be sure to call in at The Pit Gaming Shop!

Lastly, we have a new Premium store!! YAY!!

Atlas Tabletop Gaming

“Hi my name is Karl and one thing I will say is I am absolutely passionate for tabletop gaming. I started in the hobby when I was 14, playing Warhammer 40k. Recently I started looking at other systems and Kings of War instantly caught my eye. It’s a very simple game to play and the models are really stunning and the price mark to get into the game is fantastic.

“About 8 months ago I decided to open up my own gaming centre and I contacted Mantic to stock their products. Mantic and Atlas are a perfect fit as we both believe you should play the hobby your way.

“Atlas is based in the heart of Gloucester historic docks and offers gamers a place to come and buy, build, paint and play what ever gaming system they want. We will be hosting events for all gaming systems and provide a fun and friendly atmosphere.”



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From hermetically sealed entrances to reinforced blast doors, the GCPS employ the use of only the best technology to keep their competitors out and their secrets in.

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The Veer-myn are the insidious threat that thrives in the underbelly of the galaxy. These mutant rats and their diabolical weaponry are a scourge that is almost impossible to contain. This set is a great way to start your Veer-myn army, or expand an existing force to challenge your opponents and infest the cities and starships of your foes!

Learn more about the game and keep up to date with the latest Firefight news here.

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The Salamanders possess a small but elite navy, with large, powerful ships. Their crews, often commanded by mysterious arkosaurs, are well-drilled – indeed, through some form of racial memory, many salamanders are spawned with knowledge of sailing and naval strategy in their fiery blood. The strange appearance of their battle ships has remained largely unchanged for millennia, and were themselves developed in response to their enemies in the East, foremost amongst them the ancient Xirkaali Empire.

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