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More Daring Adventurers Explore the Dungeons – Dungeon Adventures Review

1st Feb 2023

Jonny Mann

Hey Folks,

We’re back once again with some more great Dungeon Adventure reviews, first up some great images from Alex Visentin as he introduced some friends to the Necromancers Lair.

He was able to use existing miniatures he had from Dungeon Saga. you could do the same, use existing from your other RPGs or check out our great range of miniatures that accompany these titles.

It’s always greatly rewarding seeing fans of Mantic playing games and having a great time. These sets are a fantastic way of introducing new people to the world of RPGs and a quick and relaxed way of spending an evening with friends.

Also keen to show off the two brilliant adventure sets, Bryan Wade of “Gaming With ADHD” has put together these great reviews on YouTube:

Later in the week we will have some more great Dungeon Adventure content so stick around! 

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