There’s something fishy going on here at Mantic HQ this month as we prepare to launch new units for The Trident Realm of Neritica. That’s right, just a month after launching the fantastic Riverguard, tentacled Thuul and the heavily armoured Gigas, we’re heading to ocean once more to catch even more releases!

Of course, some of these products below are already available in the Starter Army and Mega Force sets, so if you fancy snapping them up nice and early, head to your local gaming store or order them from the Mantic website. Anyway, without further ado, here are the latest Trident Realm releases…


Trident Realm

Need a little back-up for your Naiad Wyrmriders? Well, here’s the unit to do it! With a superfast speed of 8, the Naiad Wyrmrider Centurion can get into the enemy’s ranks extremely quickly and start disrupting them in the early turns. What’s more, with the Pathfinder ability it’s not going to get bogged down by terrain. Although it only has six attacks, the Centurion hits on 3+, so you should at least get a couple of hits in. Finally it has Regeneration of 4+ and Def of 5+, so will be pretty resilient until back-up arrives. Oh, and we’re pleased to say the Naiad Wyrmrider Centurion WILL be cast in resin!


Trident Realm

This kit can be used to make a Naiad Centurion or a Naiad Envoy, depending upon which takes your fancy. The Centurion is pretty nifty in combat, with a melee rating of 3+ and four attacks. Plus, he can always give that hefty trident a chuck towards the enemy, thanks to a ranged stat of 4+. As such, it’s a versatile combat unit, depending upon the situation. Meanwhile, the Naiad Envoy is a decent support unit. For only 60 points, they’ve got the Inspiring ability so use them to accompany your ground troops and maybe give them the Healing Charm to help the infantry last a little bit longer.


Trident Realm

It’s a great big harpoon gun, need we say more? Ok, fair enough. Although the Trident Realm army is pretty quick, so you’re able to get into combat early doors, it doesn’t hurt to have some heavy firepower to weaken up the enemy before you smash into them! You won’t necessarily be able to rely on the Leviathan’s Bane to hit home (due to a ranged rating of 5+ and only two attacks) but when it does hit, then it’s going to hurt! The gun has Blast (D3+1) and has a whopping Piercing (4), which means it’ll break through even the strongest armour… take that Def6 units… not so clever now are you?!


Trident Realm

Last, but by no means least, are the Water Elementals – mini tidal waves that can easily smash the enemy units. Although the Water Elementals are a Shambling unit, they’ve got a pretty decent top speed of seven inches. Combine that with a Thuul Mythican who can Surge them into combat and suddenly you’re looking at a very nimble unit (that’s nimble with a small n, by the way). A regiment has 9 attacks, while a horde has 18 – both hit on 4+, so should be fairly reliable in combat. They’re hard to hit too, with a defense of 5+ and when they do get hit, they’re able to Regenerate on 5+. Another cool thing about the Water Elementals is that they can also be taken by Forces of Nature armies.

You can order the Naiad Wyrmrider Centurion, Naiad Centurion/Envoy, Leviathan’s Bane and Water Elementals from your local game store or pre-order from the Mantic website. They’re due for release later this month.

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