Welcome Coaches to the OverDrive Locker Room! This is the place to come for exclusive sneak peeks at the players you’ll be battling it out with in the arena when OverDrive launches this September. In each blog we’ll be taking a closer look at the background, stats and tactics for each player. Today we’re laying the smack down with Brank Reborn.

If you want to learn a bit more about how the game plays, before reading about each character, check out this video from Blackjack Legacy, which explains the basics.


The original Brank ‘Boom-Fist’, a former Forge Father DreadBall player, retired to the Star Realms many decades ago, leaving his scaled down Iron Ancestor suit in the DGB Museum. However, one enterprising Forge Father artificer realised the suit could be powered by a simple A.I. programme that would allow it to play the more brutal game of OverDrive. Now the spirit of Brank lives on, even if the true Brank regularly calls in to ‘OverDrive Tonight’ to claim he would still make a much better player, despite being well over 100-years-old.


Brank Reborn, aka ‘Brank the Tank’ has earned its nickname for a very good reason – its incredibly tough to shift and can hammer opponents into submission. Brank has two elements that really help to set it apart from the rest of the pack. The first is that 3+ on Strength, which means Brank will typically be landing a decent number of hits when it comes to Slamming or Slamming Back… so your opponent is going to have to work harder to get into Brank’s rear arc.

Even if they do manage a cheeky Slam in the rear arc, they’ve still got Can’t Feel a Thing to deal with. This ability reduces the number of Damage counters Brank would normally receive by one. So, if your opponent manages to land two hits on Brank, the amount of damage is reduced to one. As a result, Brank can withstand a pounding from even the toughest Players.

However, that’s not the only great thing about Can’t Feel a Thing because, if you notice, it says that it reduces the amount of damage ‘any time’ Brank would receive a counter… so it’s not just when getting Slammed. Say, for example, you fail a Dash, normally that would result in the end of a Player’s action and a damage counter. However, for Brank it just ends the action because the damage is reduced to zero. This means you can be a bit riskier with Brank by Dashing or potentially even giving it the bomb during the Pass the Bomb mode.

Brank Reborn is absolutely one of the toughest Players in the game. It can take a punch and deal out some hefty damage too… you have been warned.