Paint Splatter And Gaming Chatter – Midweek Round-Up – 31st August

7th Sep 2022

Jonny Mann

This is the Number One place to find all the best hobby content from in and around the Mantic community over the last week or so. See what your fellow painters have been up to, or even see if you have been featured! Find the latest videos from around the hobby and most importantly… get inspired to pick up that paintbrush.

This week its the turn of Clive (Cleric) to join Jonny as they take a look at the wonderful things you have been painting over the last week AND tell you about some exciting gaming news!

Check out this week’s video below!

Mantic Gaming Club

As mentioned in the video, we are opening up our gaming hall for FREE GAMING the first Sunday of every month! So come on down and play some games, have a chat, pick up some essentials from the store or even have a demo of that system you’ve been debating jumping into!

Find the Events page HERE

Be sure to check in again next Wednesday!

And if you want to make sure we spot your great work, use the hashtag #MyMantic when posting on social media.

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Nightstalker Shadowhulk

Titans of the ether, these former giant Cyclopes retain only a passing resemblance to their long forgotten mortal forms. Now, they are covered in weeping sores, extra mouths, wicked spines, and hands that have fused into fleshless lumps of solid bone.

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Forge Father Strike Force

The Forge Fathers are an ancient civilisation that has been a galactic power for millennia. Technically superior to almost all they encounter, these hardy folk are as tough and stubborn in battle as they are across the negotiating table. This set is a great way to start your Forge Father army, or expand an existing force to challenge your opponents and expand the mighty Star Realm.

Learn more about the game and keep up to date with the latest Firefight news here.

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Undead Revenants

Ancient heroes infused with a Necromancer’s power rise to become Revenants, deadly undead warriors whose power is far greater than that of the lesser Undead. Revenants form the armoured elite of a Necromancer’s army, and there are few living warriors with the strength or nerve to stand against them.

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