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Pre-Orders: New Asterians and an Incredible Starter Set

21st Jun 2024

Dan Mapleston

If you’ve been watching and waiting on the fence so far, then buckle up – the incredible new Firefight starter box is about to drop, along with a range of updated new kits for the Asterian Empire!

Ready to start your journey into an amazing sci-fi galaxy? You’re right where you belong!

Everything you see here is available to pre-order today, shipping from 15th July.

Edge of Sanity: Firefight 2-Player Starter Set

Is this our best-ever Firefight starter set? Why yes, yes it is –  feast your eyes and get ready to dive in!

This incredible box is practically bursting with more than 70 gorgeous hard plastic miniatures, the 224-page Command Protocols book, a quick-start guide, and all the dice and tokens you need to get playing. And it’s all wrapped up in gorgeous new art from Christian Byrne.

Let’s check out just how much you’re getting in this set:

ASTERIAN STARTER ARMY: 20 hard plastic Marionettes, 4 hard plastic Support Drones, 6 hard plastic Cyphers, 6 hard plastic Matsudan, 1 resin Cypher Prime, Bases

NIGHTSTALKER STARTER ARMY: 20 hard plastic Scarecrows/Spectres, 10 hard plastic Reapers, 6 hard plastic Butchers, 1 resin Shade, Bases

PLUS: 224-page Command Protocols book, Getting Started Guide, Card Counters, Command Dice Set, D8 Dice Set

And, because we’re nice – let’s throw in a sweet pre-order bonus!

Asterian Strike Force

The enigmatic Asterians carved out their huge Empire long before humans had even thought it was possible to leave old Earth. The Asterians’ greatest fear is the human interest in the Silent Lands and the horrors that will unleash. This set is a great way to start your Asterian army, or expand an existing force to challenge your opponents and put the young, upstart expansionists in their place!

Contains: 20 hard plastic Marionettes, 4 hard plastic Support Drones, 9 hard plastic Cyphers, 1 hard plastic Chira Transport, 1 resin Cypher Prime, Bases

Matsudan Warriors

After years spent competing in the brutal Matsudo Games, Matsudan warriors are expertly trained and armed with the latest cutting-edge weaponry from the Houses of Neo Matsudo. Equipped with long-range weapons, like the ion barrage or ion cannon, Yokozuna and Ozeki can decimate enemy lines before the Sekiwake close in with their vicious shock mauls.

Contains: 9 hard plastic Matsudan, Bases

This means you’ll be getting three of the brand new hard plastic Matsudan sprues per box, with three warriors on each sprue. Just check them out below – crisp, sharp, and full of texture and detail! You’ll find multiple weapon options on here for both ranged and combat weapons, and a fantastic choice of different heads so every model can look satisfyingly different.

As with all of our new hard plastics, the lettered parts match together: for example, the A1 body goes with A7 legs, and a choice of arms (A2 to A8). If a part doesn’t have a letter, then it’s totally universal for the miniatures on the frame – such as the choice here of 7 super-characterful Matsudan heads that include masks, half-masks, and even varying cybernetic implants.

Asterian Cypher Squad

Highly advanced biomechanical constructs, Cyphers allow the skills of Asterian warriors to be utilised to their fullest extent without the need for placing that warrior directly in harm’s way. Each Cypher is piloted remotely – usually from low orbit – using a total immersion interface that allows their pilot to see, hear, and act through the Cypher as if it were their own body. Combined with a wide range of powerful weapons, the Cyphers are quick and incisive weapons of the Asterian Clades.

Contains: 9 hard plastic Cyphers (with weapon options), Bases

This means you’ll be getting three of the brand new hard plastic Cypher sprues per box, with three on each sprue. It’s a compact sprue, full of arm and weapon options. Let’s talk about how you match them up easily for a stress-free building experience!

As with all of our new hard plastics, the lettered parts match together: for example, the B5 body goes with the B2 leg, the B3 head, and a choice of B-lettered arms and weapons. Simples!

Asterian Black Talon Squad

With built-in personal flight units, anti-grav suspension, adaptive sensors, and armed with modified Noh rifles, the Talons are swift and silent predators. Although membership of this enigmatic group usually prevents them from gaining any leadership roles within their Clade, the Black Talons are still respected veterans whose opinions and knowledge is sought after by Cypher Primes, Overseers, or even Shu’uvatars.  It is a rare occurrence, but some Black Talons are elevated to Primes where they can utilise their battlefield experience to lead others.

Contains: 3 resin Black Talons (with Prime option), Bases


Asterian Sky Razor Squad

Sky Razors are sleek, swift vehicles designed specifically for use by Cypher constructs. They house sophisticated sensor systems that link directly into their pilot’s own senses. Armed with twinned Noh blasters, Sky Razors are often deployed to dangerous reconnaissance missions. Despite this, pilots often relish the additional mobility and firepower. Skilled Sky Razor pilots are therefore highly sought after and respected among the Cypher Clades.

Contains: 2 resin Sky Razors, Bases

Asterian Weapons Platforms

Some equipment is considered too heavy or cumbersome for Cyphers to wield – slowing them down and putting them in unnecessary danger. So, the Clades make use of semi-automated drones to bear such devices in battlefield support of Cyphers. From heavy pulse bombards to defensive shield generators, the drones are highly adaptable and – more importantly – disposable. Asterian commander take no issue with sacrificing drone constructs to protect a Cyphers’ retreat.

Contains: 2 resin Weapons Platforms, Bases