Hi there, My name is Nick. I’m relatively new to the Mantic team, having joined as web store manager earlier this year.

I’ve been getting really hyped up for Deadzone, seeing all the amazing products we’ve been putting on the site and wanted to get into it. I’ve got fond memories of skirmish wargaming from my youth (only vague memories. It was a looooong time ago) and I’m looking forward to doing some more.

Which faction to choose though? I’d already decided on one of the “evil” factions – although I’m not sure anyone is really ‘good’ in the Warpath Universe [Edexcept for Mazon Labs, who are just doing things to further totally not evil scientific progress]. And initially had chosen Plague. However that seemed to be a popular choice amongst the staff so decided on Veer-myn, instead. Rob assures me that they are the best faction in Deadzone, however he might be biased because they remind him of hairy goblins.

Onto the rats, then! Have you seen those new minis? They look amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. So much so that I’ve been eyeing up test prints! Surely no one will know if one goes missing off the printer?

I knew I wanted the new models. So I’ve chosen the Pack Master to be my leader. Good news as it comes in the 2 player starter set. The Brood guard are also great and I’ll be picking up the Veer-Myn Brood Matriarch Booster to bolster my strike team.

I know, I’m going to be waiting a while to get hold of these, so what else can I use in a strike team to go with these? After reading some rules and a chat with some colleagues, I’ve decided on a couple of Nightmares, two Malignai (Malignuses, Malignodes) and some Crawlers and Stalkers to round out the team.

It’s a pretty elite strike team in all, less of the horde strategy that you’d normally expect from Veer-myn. I’m really looking forward to melting some humans with chem sprayers!


Our models look amazing in yellow, however I wanted something a little different for my team. I recently picked up some new technical paints from the shop at HQ. I’ve got some Vallejo Verdigris and Rust I want to try out. I think it will look great on the rat monsters, making them look like their equipment has been scavenged and cobbled together from scraps.


I like to have some detail on the bases for my miniatures. I decided on rubble and shattered concrete for the bases to reflect the ruined areas of the Deadzone the Veer-myn might be lurking in. I’ve used some Cork-board to create some damaged concrete slabs, with some pipes emerging from the rubble below and covered up the joins with some Earth Texture paint. A bit of Green Stuff and Polyfilla to bulk out the bases and add some height.

Miniatures were assembled and sprayed with Colorforge’s Standard Grey. Although I’ve left arms and heads off as they can get in the way while painting. I’ll be painting these separately.

The Malignai (Malignusesuses?), Crawlers and Stalkers are similarly based although I’ve laid out some smooth sections as I’d like to have a go at radioactive slime for some of these.

That’s it for now. Next time I’m going to put some paint on the models!

Claw packs are largely autonomous within the Veer-Myn hierarchy, free to take the fight to the enemy however their pack leader sees fit. This could be ambushing isolated enemy forces, or infiltrating communications hubs to sabotage vital equipment. In the end, it all furthers the goals of the nest.


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