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Save 50% on Mantic Novels and Rulebooks with Crazy Bobby!

28th Jul 2017

Rob Burman

Oh dear, we’ve let Crazy Bobby loose again! Madness always ensues when he’s around! This time he’s getting rather excited about lit-er-at-ure! His mission is to get everyone reading some Mantic books this summer!

To be serious, we have done this promotion to showcase the fantastic games and books that you can get from us now. Sometimes we all need a little incentive to try something new, and hopefully this will make that decision a no-brainer. You can have a read and play through for a seriously low price.

We also been asked a lot about more fluff and background – and these books have a whole slug of it – there are even a few novels and compilations to properly sort out your summer reading (and I challenge you to read First Strike and not want to collect a Veer-myn army at the end of it).

The timing of the recruitment drive is no co-incidence either. In the next few months we have a massive, global Kings of War campaign kicking off ‘The Edge of the Abyss’, that will shape the map of Mantica, and we’d love as many people as possible to participate and get involved… so you’re going to need a rulebook for that! Oh, then there is ‘Tank Porn month’ for Warpath, before we head in to the Prison for Armoured Walkers in The Walking Dead: All Out War Safety Behind Bars expansion!

So if you are into Mantic – dive in and get your summer reading sorted – and if you know someone that needs some Mantic love in their life send them a link to the promo – or buy then a present and pretend you are even more generous than you actually were… now, to buy my wife’s anniversary present… 🙂




From July 28th until August 7th, you can get 50% off the following books on the Mantic website. Just enter the code CRAZY50 during the checkout process and it’ll automatically discount the total price! The following books are included in the promotion:

Plus, check out the Crazy Bobby’s Book Bonanza section on the website for even more great value bundles!