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Shadowed Horizons – Act I Update

15th Sep 2023

Dan Mapleston

We’ve reached the end of the first week of the Shadowed Horizons campaign. And what a week!

If you haven’t registered already, get over to the campaign hub to take part in shaping this chapter of Pannithor’s story: CLICK HERE!

Depending on whether you’re aligned with GOOD or EVIL you’ll also see extra unique bits of story…things that the other side may not know…

So what things will affect the story?

  • Who wins each act/phase on land
  • Who wins each act/phase at sea
  • The decisions made by the winners of each act/phase

The first online ‘general’s choice’ is set to go live soon…along with the story updates for both GOOD and EVIL!

At the start of each new ‘act’ we will reset the results tracker, so that it remains all to play for in each phase of the story. Exciting times!

The War on Land, Act I – The Long March North

Act I kicked off with the Battle of Ygrituul Valley. This was a participation game we ran at Mantic HQ with some of the players from this year’s Clash of Kings, who just couldn’t wait until Saturday to get stuck into some big battles!

In this battle, Prince Talanaar had dispatched a force of Frostclaw Riders to slow down the oncoming tide of Nightstalkers (which were first unleashed by the void-cage in the hills above the city of Blackridge – read all about it HERE). It’s a suicide mission, and an act of stubborn bravery in the face of a tide of horrors.

And the outcome was just that – the Frostclaw Riders managed to hold out valiantly, but in the end they were slaughtered to the last raven and dwarf…buying just a little time for the Northern Alliance as they wait for their allies to respond to Frostclaw messengers (read about them HERE).

For now they are still waiting, and Prince Talanaar is recalling his long-range patrols (read about them HERE).

The first story decision: After the battle we took the Nightstalker generals off to one side, to make a choice that will have major ramifications later on…if you were there keep it under wraps…)

Elsewhere Pannithor has been getting on the move, and the massive upheaval of armies mobilising and clashing as they head North was simulated by including the Clash of Kings results in the campaign tracker. This is where the tide swung back in favour of GOOD, and they have successfully fought their way up the map.

Now, they sit gathered on the border between the Mammoth Steppe and the Winterlands, awaiting orders.

Time for the next choice: if you’re aligned with ‘GOOD’, well done on winning Act I. Watch out on the website for your chance to vote on something else that will influence the story…

The War at Sea, Act I – Hunting On The Infant Sea

The war on Pannithor’s oceans started with a spectacular assault on the toll forts of the Golden Horn by the Abyssal Dwarfs (who have made a precarious alliance with the Twilight Kin), which you can read about HERE.

Now out in the open Infant Sea, they have met up with a Twilight Kin fleet with mysterious motives. Something big is happening, and other navies have dispatched ships to intercept this sinister armada (or capitalise on the chaos left in its wake). On the sea, we also saw a strong victory by the GOOD-aligned fleets.

This means that the Twilight Kin and Abyssal Dwarf fleet have not escaped after their audacious assault , and with a vengeful Basilean navy breathing down their neck they now face a harder challenge in the next phase of the story, where they will attempt to break through the Elven sea forts of the Brokenwall Islands…

What’s Next?

Keep an eye on the website, as we’re about to plunge into Act II where land forces will commence the fight for the Ice Mountains (and have to contend with winter fighting conditions), and Pannithor’s navies will join the Battle of Brokenwall!


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