So, I am going along to the offices of Skybound to tell them why giving a license to a crazy English guy to make a ‘Tabletop Wargame’ is clearly a great idea! I’ll be honest I was a little nervous. The hobby makes lots of sense in our HQ in Nottingham, surrounded by lots of other enthusiasts. However, I am in Los Angeles and trying to explain what a tabletop wargame is, and why a global licensor would be interested in doing one all of a sudden seems a little daunting.

Ronnie at Skybound 1

I get to Skybound and am shown into Shawn’s office. I start to explain what miniature gaming is, and what Mantic is about, what we have been doing.

‘Can I stop you?’ he says. Oh dear, I thought.

‘Are you currently running a Kickstarter for a Dungeon Crawler?’ Shawn asks. I say we were (it was ½ way through the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter – although the cynical among you might say that anytime you ask me that there is a good chance of a positive response ;).

‘That’s cool,’ Shawn continues ‘Me and another guy in the office were looking at backing that KS just this morning… I love the sculpts.’ Suddenly I realized that maybe we weren’t too far out there, and this might just make the most amazing game ever! I can say the meeting overran its allotted time by some margin – because not only did we get very excited about what we could do with TWD, but we also covered the armies we used to collect back in the day!!!

As you can imagine, working with a team that are not only as passionate about what they do as we are, but also understands toy soldiers and gaming is amazing. Their insight into the hobby and how it works is setting us up to create something rather special. The perfect mix of professionalism and hobby.

Oh, and I geeked out too, and got my picture taken lots….

Ronnie at Skybound 3

Ronnie at Skybound 2

Ronnie at Skybound 4 Ronnie at Skybound 5

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