Spring Open Day 2018: Golden and Big Red Tickets

30th Apr 2018

Pat "Chopper" Lewis

On Saturday 5th May, Mantic Games invites you, our friends, to join us for our biannual OPEN DAY. You can choose a single ticket, or the Group ticket – which covers four attendees for the price of three!

Last week we posted three blogs describing the Spring Open Day, you can catch up on them here:

  1. Participation and Cool Stuff,
  2. Learning,
  3. Open Day Deals

Today we’re going over our two bonus ticket items in the Goodie Bags, namely a Golden Ticket and a Big Red Ticket.


There will be three Golden Tickets to be found in random Goodie Bags. This will entitle the lucky recipients to the following:


If you don’t luck out with the 1/33 chance of the Golden Ticket, then you’re in line for the 1/5 chance at a Big Red Ticket.

Big Red? Why yes, we do mean you could walk away with an exclusive Hellboy resin model!

Remember to check out last week’s blogs and pick up your ticket!