On Saturday 5th May, Mantic Games invites you, our friends, to join us for our biannual OPEN DAY. You can choose a single ticket, or the Group ticket – which covers four attendees for the price of three!

Over the past fortnight we have posted blogs describing the Spring Open Day, you can catch up on them here:

  1. Participation and Cool Stuff,
  2. Learning,
  3. Open Day Deals
  4. Golden and Big Red Tickets
  5. If you can’t join us we have your back!

Interview Update

Stewart cannot join us, so we’re pleased to have Matt Gilbert in his stead. Matt will be talking about the forthcoming Kings of War: Vanguard at 1pm! He will also be on hand to give demos until then.

Foodie Update

We found out this morning that Bear’s Street Food had an unfortunate accident with the van that was catering for our event. Fortunately no-one was hurt. This does mean we’ve had to make alternate plans for a Bank Holiday weekend!

Predictably everyone we contacted was booked. Fortunately Ronnie Renton and Matt Gilbert have stepped up to the plate – quite literally!

Mantic Games will have a selection of breakfast items (pastries & bacon rolls) and the man himself will don his chef’s apron and fire up the barbeque.

It must be Summer.

Games Update

Finally today we can reveal that we have been able to secure Vanguard’s own Matt Gilbert to show off the game from 10am to 1pm, before he takes the interview hot seat from 1-2pm.

From 1-4pm we will have Star Saga demos available in the main hall.

This does mean that the bespoke game M.A.D. will be held back until the Autumn Open Day.

It’s been quite a morning. See you tomorrow!

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