In case you’ve been hiding out beyond the rim for the last few months you might have heard about a little game called Star Saga. With the first wave of the Kickstarter shipped out to backers and the game now in stores for people to pick up and play for themselves, this Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawler has gone down spectacularly well with players.

Filled with awesome pre-assembled miniatures, 3D scenery, exciting missions and hours of fun gameplay, there’s enough to keep you playing for hours!

You take control of a team of six mercenaries, hired by the nefarious Blaine to infiltrate a top secret GCPS research facility. This lab has been working on some truly dangerous experiments and your mercenaries are there to steal the research and escape alive.

Your mercenaries will be forced to face not only the facility’s defenders, but also private military contractors and the escaped test subjects themselves. As they overcome security systems and staff, the strike team will encounter those who run the labs – powerful characters with a distinct lack of ethics.

The game can be played with up to five players – four controlling the mercenaries, one controlling the minions – or with up to four players working cooperatively. In this case, the minions are controlled by a simple but potentially quite cunning AI system.

An Expansive Universe

In 2018, we’ll be releasing expansions to the Star Saga core game. The first of these will focus around one of the most popular factions in our Warpath universe – the Nameless.

These be-tentacled humanoids will be engaging in combat for the first time in the Terror in the Deep Expansion, as well as getting their own faction list in Deadzone. In a similar vein to our Dungeon Saga Expansions, this new expansion will include a few new mercenaries, new minions and new bosses, all with a fun campaign to play though.

The Terror in the Deep features 8 new Nameless minions, 2 new bosses  – The Terror and the Blight – and 2 brand new mercenaries – So Hin the Asterian Kalyshi and Ota Sora the Matsudan Warrior.

This will build on the contents of the core game, and you’ll be able to field your old mercenaries in these new missions, too. This isn’t the only expansion we have planned for Star Saga, so keep an eye out for more!

There will also be the Character Creator and Mission Creator Expansions. These allow you to create your own mercenaries and scenarios for use in games of Star Saga, giving you a near-endless scope for gameplay and creating your own narratives. And, of course, Kickstarter backers will be getting the rest of their pledges, which includes the Veer-myn and Rebs expansions months before they hit retail.

Star Saga: The Eiras Contract is available to pick up from your friendly local game store or our website now!




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