You might remember in our Twelve Days of Mantic Christmas, that we took a look at the new expansion for the Galaxy’s most popular sports game – the DreadBall Challenge Cup. This expansion is an exciting romp around the GCPS’ most popular (and bizarre) venues. From the lava fields of Magmarax to the twisted reality of the Serpent Nebula, each location offers its own unique challenges to even veteran coaches.


On top of the rules for each of these venues, there is also a campaign system for groups of teams to play across the galaxy. These rules are designed to work with both our DreadBall and DreadBall Xtreme games and add their own flavour to the game.

Broadly speaking, the Challenge Cup is played in stages – each stage featuring games between paired up teams. If a team is defeated, then it is eliminated form that stage, but not from the campaign itself. Defeated teams are also paired off against each other, so they can prepare for their glorious return in the next stage of the competition.

DB Trophies

Each stage brings with it a prize to the victor – which will carry on into the remaining games in the campaign. These prizes are themed to match the challenges that your players overcame in order to succeed at each stage – for example, winning in the pitch-black game on Andromeda will make your player’s senses more attuned as they have become used to fending off attacks from the dark.

Coaches can also gain Endorsement from corporations in between games. This grants you extra funds to spend on your team as well as a special support play – It’s in the contract!. Beware though, this support will only last as long as your team continues to gain fan support. If you end a game with less cheers than your opponent, then you lose all endorsement.


This only scratches the surface of the Campaign rules available, not to mention the varied arenas you’ll be playing in. We’ll be going over these in more detail over the coming week. Stay tuned, Sports Fans!


DreadBall: The Challenge Cup is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping at the end of the month!

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