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This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them! – All New Deadzone 2-player starter set!

26th Jan 2023

Jonny Mann


“Within the halls of the Clades of the Five Daggers, three shadowy figures sat in near darkness. Occasionally their ageing Asterian faces were lit briefly by assistants handing them data screens, before being shooed away.

One of the figures was about to dismiss their attentive assistant, when something caught their eye and they motioned for the datapad to be passed back in order to take a second glance. An eyebrow was raised in the darkness; the equivalent of a scream of shock in any other, less civilised, race.

“We may have an issue,” rasped a voice.

There was a pause. The Asterians have lived for aeons. There was no need to rush.

“Proceed,” came the eventual answer.

“There is another outbreak and it is within our zone. Omega VII…””*

The Fall of Omega VII: Deadzone 2-player set

Yes that’s right! Today we introduce you to a brand new two player starter set for Deadzone!

Located near the GCPS’ galactic shipping lanes, the Omega system has the potential to become a dangerous beachhead for the Plague to spread through the rest of the GCPS. Fearing the rise of their ancient enemy, the Asterian Clade of the Five Daggers has deployed to occupy the planet. The Plague cannot be allowed to win this war. Omega VII must not fall.

Two awesome factions of stunning hard plastic miniatures, the Asterians and the terrifying Plague, battle it out over a war torn scape.

We’ve also included two magnificent resin leaders that might just be some of the best minis we’ve ever produced for these two factions.

It’s literally filled to the brim with tremendous content!

Including bags and bags and bags of hard plastic terrain, including the street accessories set.

Just like the original set (which will remain available) we’ve also made it easy for new players with the inclusion of a double-sided gaming mat. On the reverse of the standard gaming mat, you’ll find a handy beginner’s guide that features the stats for the units, basic rules and a demo scenario to get you up and playing in no time at all.

As most will by now know for Third Edition we’ve split the rules across two books that come together, along with the tokens, in one easy bundle. In the core rulebook, you’ll get all the info you need to play the game, scenarios and campaign rules. Meanwhile, the force lists book contains stats for all the factions currently available. All this is included in the new starter set, making it a great value way to get started.


  • Getting Started Guide
  • DZ Rulebook
  • Force List Book
  • Paper Gaming Mat
  • Punchboard
  • lague Zombies
  • Plague Ghouls
  • Asterian Marionettes
  • Resin Asterian Matsudan Ota Sora
  • Resin Plague General
  • Deadzone Terrain
  • 8x Command Dice
  • 8x D8 Dice



*keep an eye out in a few weeks for the rest of this great short story, telling the woeful tale of Omega VII

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