Industrial SectorMantic Battlezones is a system of inter-connecting hard plastic terrain tiles that can be utilised to easily build a wide range of three-dimensional scenery for any tabletop game you see fit. From the per-fabricated Battlezones of the far future, to the war-torn ruins of urban America, you can build whatever you like, or even combine different sets to build outside the norms.

This month the range expands with the release of the brand new Industrial Battlezones Scenery! These sets are made up of hard plastic components, all of which are fully compatible with any others in our Battlezones range. There are a number of new specialised connectors in order to allow the tiles system to interface with some of the new pieces – such as pipe networks, industrial equipment, fans and scaffolding. These can be built to represent an industrial colony, such as Exham IV, combined with existing tiles to add realism and variety to you Deadzone terrain, or even built to represent the bowels of an immense GCPS vessel (possibly infested with Veer-Myn!).

Industrial District

Although the new tiles are based around the concept of a futuristic industrial environment, you can use many components with any period of terrain. Combine these with our 2oth Century Brick Battlezones to build some contemporary warehousing, complete with conveyor belts and and generators, or use components such as the corrugated and mesh walls to decorate your wargames tables. While the tiles are intended for use with Deadzone and Warpath, there’s no limit to how you could use them for your own ends!

Like our other Battlezones, these are available in a variety of sizes. The largest set is a Quadrant, containing everything you need to cover a 6’x4′ board with buildings and terrain. From there, we go down in size to Sector – easily enough for a Deadzone board – and District– large enough to add a couple of buildings or a combine with your existing scenery.

Industrial Pipe Network

The pipe network has caused quite a stir with people, especially Veer-Myn players (not idea why). So, to sate your appetites, we’ve also made these available as a separate set containing two bags of pipe components. I’m sure we’ll see some very odd pipe-based tabletop games as a result of these.


Industrial Quadrant

We’ll be back later on in the week with more on these new terrain sets, but in the meantime, we want to see what you guys have been up to with your Battlezones scenery! Show use your creations!

The Industrial Battlezones Scenery is available to pre-order right now, including the Industrial Quadrant, Industrial Sector, Industrial District and Pipe Network. These can be found in all good hobby stores from the end of June!

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