We’re back with another Trident Realm run down! After giving an overview of the faction yesterday, today we’re highlighting some of the new units that have been added as part of the wider warband release. The great thing about these full warband releases, is that it allows us to look at the existing Kings of War range to bring even more miniatures into Vanguard – and create some entirely new minis.

So, let’s have a closer look at some of the awesome new Trident Realm units.


To be honest, we were never going to start anywhere else. The Dambuster is an absolute beast and the miniature is stunning. Since we first showed the Dambuster in all its glory at Salute, we’ve consistently been asked when it’s being released. Well, that time is now.

The Dambuster is one-unit combo machine thanks to its Tongue Lash and Defensive Toxins abilities. With the Tongue Lash move, it can drag opponents in, so that it’s engaging them and will poison them with its Defensive Toxins in the End Phase. It’s also worth noting the Tongue Lash move can be used multiple times in the same activation (as long as you’ve got the Power), so you can drag multiple enemies into base-to-base. There’s also a command option of the Dambuster, called the Dambuster Sentinel, but we’re not going to spoil that today!


Something that came up in our review of the Trident Realm before this faction release, was that they were struggling a bit for cheap Grunts. Although the Otter Bevy is particularly adorable and only costs 10pts, the fact it’s a Beast can limit your options a little. Say hello to the Naiad Initiate! These warriors in training are another great unit option and, if you’re into fluffy warbands, they mean you can run an entirely Naiad-based gang. They’re also a much cheaper way to get hold of the Trident ability, which is able to Fatigue enemies.


There’s a new command option for the Trident Realm, thanks to the Mythican Aquamage. This powerful Spellcaster gets access to the Riptide spell for ‘free’ and can cast it as a Short action – so yes, you could Force Fatigue to cast it again. Or you could take the Ruined Staff of Silibar equipment and cast it three(!) times in a Round.

What’s more, in the spirt of creating themed lists, we loved the idea of a warband with multiple Water Elementals but, of course, the restriction on one Large model per warband put a stop to that. However, thanks to the Aquamage’s Elemental Mastery ability, you can take two Water Elementals per warband, which is also pretty handy when combined with the Naiad Initiate’s Kyron’s Blessing skill.


One of the most popular minis in the Trident Realm range is Eckter, the Placoderm Defender. Rather than introduce Eckter as a named character now (although that’s not to say he won’t make an appearance in Vanguard at some point), we wanted to make the Placoderm Defender available as a Support option.

The Placoderm Defender is great for taking hits from enemies and then Retaliating with the Slamback ability. With an Armour value of 4+, he should be able to comfortably take a few punches – particularly when combined with his Defender ability – before striking back with a Crushing Strength (2) retaliation.

So, that’s it for our preview of some of the new units. Of course, there are still a couple of surprises included in the warband set and boosters, so we won’t spoilt everything here. But, as you can see, the Trident Realm has plenty of exciting options when putting your gang together.

We’re also pleased to announce, the Trident Realm Vanguard releases are now available to order from the Mantic website and will be in stores from July 8th. Check them out here.

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