Twilight Kin: 10 Things You Need To Know

20th Sep 2023

Dan Mapleston

Hey everyone, Dan here!

You may have heard a quiet little rumour that the Twilight Kin are back…oh alright, shout it from the rooftops!

This is a very big release for Kings of War, featuring a load of new hard plastic units, and you’re going to be completely spoiled for awesome modelling opportunities.

So what’s still to come?

  • Another development diary video with our very own Kyle going live tomorrow, featuring the fearsome new ‘miniature’ for Mikayel – Lord of Nightmares
  • We’re adding extra new images to the product pages for you, showing the scale of larger miniatures and some of the fabulous new hard plastic sprues
  • A showcase of alternative paint schemes is on the way from some of the best painters in the Kings of War community
  • A series of detailed previews of the faction’s rules, units and tactics

But hold your horses…let’s get to know the Twilight Kin a little better first!

Here are 10 things that you need to know about this reborn threat to Pannithor:

ONE: The Twilight Kin are those elves who cling to the dream of a remade Ileureleith, the city that was destroyed when the Fenulian Mirror* shattered.

TWO: In the immediate aftermath of the city’s destruction, great numbers of elves gathered at the edge of the crater. Those who could not bear to leave their home were overwhelmed with sorrow and eventually began to climb down into the Pit of Despair where they would begin a difficult new life.

THREE: Torn between the darkness of the Pit and the bright memory of their old home, but belonging fully to neither, these elves became known as the Twilight Kin.

FOUR: The Twilight Kin are practitioners of a dark and mysterious school of sorcery called thaumaturgy. This is the arcane science of drawing energy from beyond the physical sphere, which can be used to transform flesh and fold material distance. This dangerous magic allowed them to adapt to the Pit of Despair, and survive their early wretched existence.

FIVE: While the rest of Pannithor was hurled into the havoc of the God War*, the Twilight Kin kept to themselves – exploring the caverns and tunnels connected to the Pit of Despair. They raised massive underground bastions, and founded a Dark Conclave of mages and sorcerers to apply their collected knowledge to the task of restoring their lost home.

SIX: The fledgling new civilization in the Pit of Despair was well concealed. Agents and spies found their way into other elven cities and societies, feeding the lie that only a few primitive hermits still dwelled in the ash and ruins of the crater.

SEVEN: The Twilight Kin do not simply wish to rebuild their city, they wish to restore the world exactly as it was, complete with their loved ones who perished in the cataclysm. They believe that the city still exists, caught in the space between the things that were and the things that are, and are willing to tear reality apart in their search.

EIGHT: As they discovered which materials could withstand the rigours of the Void, the Twilight Kin began to construct special vessels from uncanny fungal timber, and with a sinister living figurehead. They now use these Nightships to scour the void for fragments of Ilereleith, and the answers they seek.

NINE: Drawn from the Dark Conclave, an order of crone-summoners are devoted exclusively to the practice of summoning and commanding Nightstalkers.

TEN: Mikayel once served as an elven Grand Inquisitor tasked with hunting the mysterious Twilight Kin and was their most persistent adversary. But following a terrible betrayal and a twist of fate, he is now very much one of them. Indeed, the young Mikayel became a mighty Soulbane – the Lord of Nightmares.

*If you don’t know the amazing stories of the Fenulian Mirror or the God War, come and check out the lore HERE.

There are many, many, mysteries we haven’t even begun to explore here. What awful form of life are the Twilight Kin keeping in the Scarlet Sanctum? How did Mikayel fall from grace, and rise remade? Where did the Twilight Kin gain their forbidden knowledge of the Void? And that’s before we even get started on the chilling story of Queen Leithindyr…

All of this and much, much more, will be in this year’s upcoming Clash of Kings book.

We’ll be back to talk more about that in the near future!

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