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Twilight Kin Diaries – Mikayel and the Navigator

21st Sep 2023

Jonny Mann

Hey folks,

In the final of Kyles Twilight Kin diaries, it’s the man himself (no not Kyle), the lord of nightmares, Mikayel!

Kyle also takes a look at some of the design principles for other great Twilight Kin characters such as the Navigator.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more great Twilight Kin content, including peaks at the new rules but if you can’t wait to get started you can Pre-Order them all now! Just Click Here!

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Twilight Kin Character: Mikayel, Lord of Nightmares

A Soulbane of nigh-unprecedented cruelty and ambition, Mikayel is known and feared across the vast reaches of Pannithor and beyond. His title, Lord of Nightmares, is well-earned indeed, for none can sleep soundly when Mikayel is abroad. He can strike anywhere he pleases in the lands of mortals and is engaged on a deadly mission to gain ascendancy over the other Dark Lords of the Twilight Kin’s subterranean realm.

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Twilight Kin One-Click Ultimate Bundle

The Twilight Kin are reborn with a stunning new miniature range in the hottest Kings of War release of 2023.

Want everything new without any messing about? Then this is your bundle – including the Lord of Nightmares, Mikayel himself, for FREE.


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Twilight Kin Ambush Starter Set

The Twilight Kin have developed a culture and mindset that has diverged drastically from the other elven kindreds. Though they share a common history, the Twilight Kin have deliberately cast aside the morality and compassion that endowed Elvenholme with much of its grandeur at the height of the kingdom’s power. In their ruthless drive to restore the glories of the past, the Twilight Kin have shed the very essence of that past.

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Twilight Kin Army

Dwelling in their underworld caverns for so long has brought physical changes upon the Twilight Kin. They are paler than other elves, their skin taking on a sickly, almost pasty cast. The beauty of their countenances is clouded by a cruelty that has become almost innate to them. The Voidwalkers and those who commune with entities from the Void, have peculiar eyes that convey a terrible intensity that is unnerving to look upon.

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Twilight Kin Mega Army

The scruples of elven character have been conditioned out of each and every member of the Twilight Kin. To become one of their dark cult, an elf must become hardened to torture and savagery. Initiates are tested continually to ensure their hearts have no sympathy for their victims – that no moral doubts will cause them to stray from their devotion to the Great Return.

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Twilight Kin Heroes

Leading the Corsairs, whether aboard ship or in battle, are the Void Captains and Navigators, while Summoner Crones are thaumaturges whose presence greatly benefits any Twilight Kin force. A Soulbane is the ultimate horror – a stable mutant, so malevolent and warped by the void as to be unrecognisable from the individual that birthed the monster they have become.

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Twilight Kin Corsair Voidwalkers / Fleetwardens

The most common military forces of the Twilight Kin that are likely to be encountered are the Corsairs who crew the Nightships. Voidwalkers are skilled with many kinds of weapon and excel at close combat. Often their objective is to subdue rather than kill an enemy, for each captive they take brings them one step closer to achieving the Great Return.

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Twilight Kin Goredrake

Among the more monstrous components of a Twilight Kin force are the Void-dwellers that have been subjugated by their beastmasters or summoned by their spellcasters. Among these are the Goredrakes, hideous two-headed monstrosities that are capable of slaughtering entire villages on their own.

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Twilight Kin Void Skiffs

The Void-skiff is a peculiar vessel employed by the Twilight Kin that harnesses the twisted emanations of the dimensional seas to propel itself over any terrain. Levitating over land as easily as water, the Void-skiffs are a little larger than a chariot in size, manned by a crew of one or two Corsairs. In battle, the skiffs deploy the same harpoon-guns they use to attack the more enormous denizens of the Void.

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Twilight Kin Voidwranglers

Corsair Wranglers are the boldest of the Twilight Kin who crew the Nightships. While the rest of their crews seek to keep the terrifying inhabitants of the Void away from their ships, the Wranglers will deliberately entice these monsters to attack. Using instruments first designed by the Wyrmbreakers to capture the creatures of the underworld, Wranglers strive to subdue the horrors they confront.

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