2017 saw the launch of our Sci-fi Wargames Warpath and Firefight, as well as no less than four factions to field on the tabletop; the ruthless Enforcers, stoic Forge Fathers, insidious Veer-myn and enigmatic Asterians. The rules themselves include seven different factions, all of which have supporting ranges, with more on the way.

Warpath is set in the distant future, where mankind is ruled over by ruthless corporations and the mysterious Council of Seven. Humanity’s greedy and aggressive expansion has triggered hostilities with various alien races, many of whom are technologically superior, as well as unleashing threats that, until now, were safely locked away. Each of these assailants now circles mankind’s realm – the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere – like vultures, striking at weak points and waiting for moment to cripple them. The promises of peace and plenty are blasted away by devastating weaponry or crushed under the march of numberless armies. The galaxy is on path to war and it seems impossible to avoid it.

What is Warpath?

Warpath is the large scale mass battle game where platoons of infantry and vehicles fight across the battlezones of the far future. This great rulebook included all of the rules that you need to play, plus profiles for all of the units from six different factions.

For those who prefer intense skirmishes or a larger focus on individual miniatures, there is Warpath Firefight. Working in a similar vein to Warpath, this ruleset uses squads of individual miniatures alongside characters and a few vehicles to bring you in closer to the action. If you’re already playing Deadzone, then you need only a few more miniatures to get started in Firefight.

Finally, there is the Sourcebook. Currently only available as part of the Warpath Rulebook collection, this tome goes into depth about everything in the Warpath universe, which is shared with DreadBall, Deadzone and Star Saga. The Rulebook collection is only available in limited numbers, so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

On top of all of this, there are great Hard Plastic miniatures available for the game. These include great infantry sets like the Forge Father Steel Warriors, who can also be built as Issilgarim, Drakkarim, Brakkarim and Militia; the Plague 3rd Generation Troopers, complete with mutated Plague Hounds; the Asterian Marionettes, who come with three different choices of support drone; and the GCPS Marines, who can also be built as GCPS Ranger or Veterans. That’s just a small glimpse at the full range of infantry – I haven’t even covered Veer-Myn or Enforcers yet!

Speaking of the Enforcers, they received the first in a wave of Hard Plastic vehicles for the game. The Enforcers are supported by the lightning fast Accuser Interceptor, which can also be built as a Persecutor Bomber. The Forge Fathers deployed Warpath’s first proper tank – the Sturnhammer, which can also being built as the Drakkar APC or the Brandr Urban Assault vehicle. The Veer-Myn Tunneler has just been released, burrowing behind enemy lines and unleashing its destructive weaponry or crazed passengers. There are more Vehicles in the pipeline for the other factions, too!

Each force is also supported by a range of metal, resin and PVC plastic sets for you army. These include special characters like Enforcer Lt. Commander Roca, or elite units like the Asterian Kalyshi or the Forge Father Hultr Half-Track. With these three ranges in places, it’s really easy to build up your Warpath Force. Start with lots of Hard Plastic core troops, add a couple of vehicles, a metal commander and a few elite units to round out your force. Then take to the Battlezones of the far future for war!

2018 Reinforcements

“That’s all very well and good,” my corporate espionage teams hear you say, “but what about next year?”

We’ve already put plans into place for the releases coming next year, which will ensure that there’s plenty more coming for Warpath in 2018! Firstly, we’ll be doing a full release for the GCPS – great to turn your Deadzone Strike Team into an army! There will be separate releases for each of the units including GCPS Marines, Heavy Weapons Teams and Ranger Specialists. You’ll also see the arrival of two new Hard Plastic Vehicle kits – the GCPS Mule and Hornet. The Mule is a land based transport, not unlike a Jeep or Humvee, which can carry 10 GCPS infantry safely into combat and support them with its own mounted weaponry. The Hornet is a dropship, capable of vertical take off and landing – swiftly redeploying troops across the battlefield. A common tactic used by GCPS commanders is to air drop squads of heavily armed rangers from Hornets. These vehicles are widely used by not only the GCPS, but can also be found in Plague and Marauder forces, too.

Later in the year we’ll be reinforcing the armies with more units. We’ll be bringing back the Forge Father Urban Pattern Iron Ancestor – renamed the Hellermal in the current rules – by putting it through our new in-house resin casting. We’ll also be releasing some of the units that were featured in the Kickstarter, including the Veer-Myn Tangle, and even a few new miniatures that have never been seen before!

On top of this, there are more Hard Plastic vehicles on the way. Namely the massive Asterian Chira Transport/Chroma Force Platform and Plague variants of the Mule and Hornet.

If you think that 2018 could be the year to start playing Warpath, then make sure you check out our special Warpath deals to grab a Mega Force and rulebook collection for just £74.99.



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