What Forge Fathers to get next?

19th Jul 2022

Rob Burman

Are you struggling on how to expand your Forge Fathers Firefight Strike Force? Need some tips about what units are going to boost your chances of victory? Just can’t decide between X and Y? Well, we’ve got just the blog series for you.

Our ‘what to get next’ blogs give you some suggestions about the best way to expand your ever-growing Strike Forces. These are suggestions of what to buy next to give you some alternate tactics, or provide a boost to the miniatures you already have.

We’ve already covered Asterians and Enforcers, and today we’re heading to the Star Realm to talk Forge Fathers.


One of the slight problems with the Forge Fathers is that they can be expensive. As a result, you want to squeeze as much out of a unit as possible and the Jotunn is a great little option for a reasonable 80pts. You’ve got two builds: the Quad Heavy Hailstorm Cannon and the Heavy Magma Cannon (for an additional 20pts). The Hailstorm is perfect for dealing with aircraft (thanks to Anti-Aircraft) and also standard troops (courtesy of Pinning). It has a decent 6D with AP2, but it’s really the range that sets the Jotunn apart. At 48”, you can keep it out of trouble at the back of the board, but still reach large portions of the enemy.

Forge Father Jotunn Weapons Platform

Meanwhile, the Heavy Magma Cannon is good for dealing with high armour targets, due to the AP6. Then again, you might want to consider the Heavy Inferno Drill, which has AP5 but comes in slightly cheaper at 70pts… and shaving points off the Forge Fathers is never a bad thing. Just don’t shave off their beards too. What not check out some stats and points here?


First up, the Thorgarim do come with a hobby health warning! These are a combination of metal and hard plastic, so can certainly be a little fiddly to put together. However, if you’re happy to deal with some glued fingers and don’t have a swear box nearby, then the reward will be worth it because the Thorgarim are unit killers.

Forge Father Thorgarim

They have two attacks each, hitting on 3+ (2+ on a charge, remember) and AP2. What’s more, they’ve got the Anti-Tank keyword, so can potentially go toe-to-toe with the likes of a Strider and come out on top. Armour 6+ makes them fairly tough to shoot off the table as well. These must be a popular addition to Forge Fathers because they keep going out of stock! Get them now, while they’re in stock.


You get a Sturnhammer in the Strike Force, however it’s likely you’ll want to build that as Battle Tank. In which case, it’s worth picking up a secondary Sturnhammer kit and building this one as an APC. That’s because another element the Forge Fathers struggle with is speed. Whereas some other factions have the odd unit with increased charge range, or a Faction/Command Order that can move nearby units, the Forge Fathers don’t have this luxury.

Forge Father Drakkar APC

In which case, the APC can come in handy by delivering your key units straight into the heart of the fight. The Drakkar has Armour 7+, so should be able to survive long enough to Sprint across the battlefield. Then your Thorgarim can Advance out, ready to bash some fools with their massive hammers.


Of course, why bother about speed when you can just drop straight in from orbit? If you’re worried about getting taken out before you can engage the enemy, then the Hammerfist Drop Troopers are a viable option. Using the Aerial Deployment you can pop them behind enemy lines and start causing chaos with their Inferno Drills (R12, 2D, AP1). This is a great way to distract your foe, while the rest of your units march forward implacably. Getting some additional

So there you’ve got our quick guide to expanding your Forge Fathers in Firefight: Second Edition. In our next blog, we’ll be tackling the GCPS.

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