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What Wonders lay in wait for the Warpath Universe in 2023?

27th Dec 2022

Jonny Mann

Hey Jonny again,

This time coming at you with some news of a science fiction nature! Let’s see what 2023 holds for the games within and around the Warpath universe.


Firefight had an incredible year in 2022 and we want to follow that up in 2023 with even more Sci-Fi goodness! to start with we have an A-MAZ-ING release early on, with the Mazon Labs being introduced to the game in the new year!

‘On the surface Mazon Labs is an ethical and responsible medial research company that works at the bleeding edge of pharmaceutical endeavours. However, scratch beneath the board’s shareholder-pleasing smiles and there are whispers of a much murkier organisation. Experimentation in reanimation and civilians being used for Plague research are just some of the milder rumours circulating on the rebel networks. This set brings Mazon Labs to the FIrefight table, trusting that their trained medical and security teams can contain the subjects who willingly consented to being part of the program. This signed contract and waiver here proves it. Signed with red pen. Yes, that’s definitely not blood.’

Updates for Forge Fathers and Enforcers as we see some more metal models make their way to resin!

And we see some completely new kits hit the shelves too… Ranging ahead of the main force, on their own or in small groups, Valkyrs function as outriders, scouting ahead, gathering intel on enemy dispositions, and undertaking small lighting raids on outlying enemy positions at their own discretion.

Then of course there’s the rumbling sound of TANKS and VEHICLES that Ronnie hinted at during the Open Day. These will be crashing into the game later in the year, with a clean up of the rules and new scenarios aplenty! Watch this space for updates as we build upto the launch of ‘Tank Po… adult entertainment’


Deadzone players… It’s no time to Rebel! We are revisiting one of the most popular factions in 2023 and sprucing up their list and adding a sprinkling of fresh new models

PLUS!!! A new 2 Player Set is due to crash land onto your home planet early next year!

‘Located outside of the Enforcers’ cordon of the Death Arc, the Omega system was never prepared for the Plague’s invasion. The commerce world of Omega VII had inexperienced and rarely deployed private militaries, so after the contamination made landfall, their survival could only be measured in hours. A Deadzone was declared immediately – located near the GCPS’ galactic shipping lanes, the Omega system has the potential to become a dangerous beachhead for the Plague to spread through the rest of the GCPS. Fearing the rise of their ancient enemy, the Asterian Clade of the Five Daggers has deployed to occupy the planet. The Plague cannot be allowed to win this war. Omega VII must not fall…..’

Best Of The Rest

  • Board games will have a big focus too, with the Umbrella Academy going to retail later in the year, plus a very exciting announcement we will be making hopefully sometime in the new year.
  • Of course there’s the amazing Companion App, which will continue to grow and add new features and content to support our games, tying in with the new releases throughout the year.

And remember this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we have in store! So make sure you are following all our social channels and checking in with this blog page through out the year as we take 2023 by storm! 

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