Your Warband, Your Story

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Playing Time

90 minutes


2 players


14+ years

Vanguard recreates cinematic, brutal skirmishes between small warbands of handpicked fighters, set in the same universe as our hugely popular Kings of War wargame. Players carefully select their squad of characters then fight it out to complete life or death missions – that can help turn the tide in the battle to come!

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Vanguard Rulebook

Vanguard Rulebook

Earn 2,500 Reward Points
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Do you love fantasy gaming? Want to experience the gritty world of Kings of War but haven’t got the time to build a grand army with potentially 100s of miniatures? In that case, Vanguard is the game for you! Set in the same universe of Kings of War, this is a small-scale skirmish game that only requires around a dozen miniatures to play.


Commanders – the leaders of your gang. These highly-trained fighters come with special skills that will shape the battle to come.

Warriors/Grunts – the backbone of your warband and vital for capturing key objectives or holding up the enemy in combat

Support – specialists with unique abilities. They don’t come cheap but their skills will become invaluable

Large – the heavy-hitters of Vanguard. From the lumbering Snow Troll to the might Fire Elemental, you don’t want to mess with these!


One of the most exciting elements of Vanguard is playing through an interlinked campaign. In the rulebook you’ll find 12 missions – from capturing a giant to controlling a magical portal. By completing these scenarios your fighters will learn new skills, buy new equipment or potentially suffer game-changing injuries.


Vanguard is fully compatible with our Kings of War range and you can use existing Kings of War miniatures to create your warband. However, since launch we have also released several warbands. These warband releases include new units, new miniatures and warband cards. Take a look below to find  the perfect faction for you.


In a world beset by evil there is a single beacon of hope for the world of man. Holy crusaders and scourges of the Abyss, the resplendent forces of Basilea stride forth from their golden city to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers across the land. Their faith is as strong as their martial prowess, maintained by the pious Sisterhood and Paladin warrior-scholars in their ranks and bolstered by the dutiful Men-at-Arms and fearsome Ogre Palace Guard that march to battle alongside them.


The Abyss is a strange other-realm, populated by wicked creatures locked in an eternal battle with each other. Whenever they are directed to fight the outside world, it is a time of woe for all civilised races, for the Abyssals recognise no allies. Mass incursions of the forces of the Abyss are thankfully rare, for when they do happen, the suffering is terrible.


In the frozen wastes of the Winterlands, the Northern Alliance has carved out a fledgling empire, quite literally from the ice and rock of a bleak and unforgiving wilderness. The exiled prince, Talannar, has assembled a formidable and eclectic mix of the dispossessed and disenfranchised, uniting them under a common banner and goal. For what purpose though, outsiders can only speculate, for little news or rumour spills from the icy grip of Talannar’s fortress city of Chill.


The Nightstalkers are the dreams, nightmares, fears and horrors of mortals become manifest. They lurk in the shadows and feed on the most powerful of mortal emotions – fear, hatred and pride. Nightstalker shadow-hosts burst forth into reality: a gibbering, cacophonous explosion of fear wreathed in the purple lightning of the portal. The baying of spectral hounds goes before the ravenous host, while the soul-rending screams of heartless Banshees chills their foe to the bone.


Short in stature but as unyielding as the mountains themselves, the Dwarfs are a proud and noble people who attach a great deal of importance to heritage and custom. It is a naïve opponent indeed who does not acknowledge the Dwarf talents for war. Dwarfs are incredible engineers, so head into battle with incredible war machines, like the Steel Juggernaut or flamethrower of the Flame Priest.


When the balance of the world is truly threatened, the Druids call upon all manner of creatures to protect it. From the vicious Salamanders to the lumbering Forest Shamblers, all answer the call. The ground shakes and the forests heave as the Forces of Nature march to war.


Small, unpleasant and spiteful, Goblins are often written off by those who know no better as simply the weaker serving class of the Orc race. In fact, Goblins are utterly separate from Orcs, being not only smaller and less imposing but also far cleverer and more dexterous. They might not beat you in a straight fight, but to underestimate even a small force of Goblins would be a grave mistake.


Full rules for playing Kings of War Vanguard, covering combat, power dice, terrain, and more!

12 challenging scenarios

Background for the world of Mantica and the factions who fight there

Starter Warband lists and faction specific spells for the Basileans, Dwarfs, Elves, Northern Alliance, Forces of Nature, Forces of the Abyss, Ogres, Trident Realm, Abyssal Dwarfs, Empire of Dust, Goblins, Nightstalkers, Orcs, and Undead

Equipment lists for arming your troops

Advanced spell book with alignment-specific spells

Rules for Campaigns, from building your Company, advancing through experience, to tying your games into Kings of War!