Last year Deadzone saw a few changes and additions. Perhaps the most exciting development was the launch of the GCPS Faction Starter and Faction Booster. These brave soldiers are humanity’s main defence against alien threats in a potentially hostile galaxy. Along with the GCPS we also took the opportunity to introduce some new units to the Asterians (Marionette Drones) and release a new Asterian Faction Starter.

We also re-configured our Battlezones line of sci-fi scenery to ensure each set had a specific theme for your gaming table, e.g. a forgotten factory or ruined city. We’ll be introducing more Battlezones sets this week, so stay tuned to the blog for more details.

Moving on to 2018 and we’ve got some very exciting things planned for Deadzone, which will ensure the game stays fresh and encourages new players to create their own strike team. But what are they?


Perhaps the most exciting release for Deadzone is a new supplement – Deadzone: Outbreak. A little like the Clash of Kings supplement for Kings of War, this will bring together a wealth of great content:

  • Tips for running tournaments and leagues
  • New equipment/weapons for your strike team
  • Updated and new scenarios for tournament play
  • Updated faction lists that include the latest changes from the errata

The faction lists in particular will be extremely useful as it means all the updated factions will be in one place, so there’s no need to flick between the original rulebook and the errata. The Rules Committee is already hard at work on the content and it is going to be released in June.

However, that’s not all the book will introduce…


That’s right, The Nameless are coming to Deadzone. Along with their own Star Saga expansion The Nameless will become an official faction in Deadzone and their stats will appear in Outbreak.

A new Faction Starter will be released that includes the Minions from the Star Saga expansion, along with some brand new miniatures that will ensure they’re an effective faction. So expect to see a vehicle-like Nameless miniature and more.

We’ll also be working on the background of the Nameless to explain why they’re heading into space and trying to colonise new planets. A lot of this background will be expanded as part of…


After last year’s successful Kings of War campaign, in 2018 we’ll be turning our attention to the stars with a Deadzone summer campaign. This is currently planned to start in July.

The focus will be on the Nameless arriving on a planet to try and colonise it. However, the best laid plans of tentacled creatures always go wrong and the other factions arrive to cause problems! For example, the Forge Fathers are there to get the Nameless’ mysterious tech, the GCPS want to monetize any Nameless resources, Marauders are there because, well they like fighting, and so on…

Currently the plan is that each week will focus on a new city as the various factions work their way around the planet causing all kinds of havoc. The campaign will incorporate any new scenarios and equipment that are introduced in Deadzone: Outbreak too. We will be creating a special website where people can upload their results and follow the progress of the campaign. Stay tuned for more details.


Finally, as an extra Christmas treat – for those of you that listen to the Deadzone Podcast, you may be aware of Georgie the Goblin. Well, the guys on the podcast have released an unofficial Georgie the Goblin Elite list. You can download it here.

So there you have it, we’re very excited about what’s in store for Deadzone this year and we hope to see plenty of you taking part in the summer campaign. If you’ve yet to experience the joys of Deadzone then now’s the time to get involved because the rulebook is half price and we’ve got some deals on faction starters! Check them out here.

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