Hello, it’s Ronnie here!

As you may or may not know, the UK is back in lockdown from today. Just like the previous lockdown, we are following government guidelines to ensure the safety of customers and staff. We hope you all stay safe in these difficult times and hopefully take the opportunity to get a few hobby projects finished… or even start a new one!


Once the lockdown was announced, we’ve had a few messages about the Armada launch and whether the new restrictions will affect the releases. As you can imagine delivering a huge project like Armada, while in a global pandemic, and keeping everyone safe has kept us very busy.

We have taken on extra space, separate from the main building, to give us a secure and safe space to make all the resin we need for this first wave. We have also added a cool and clever new resin machine (which was really easy to set up and we definitely didn’t have the engineers back six times!).

With new safe workflows and by keeping the machines running over a longer part of the day we have increased output by over 600% for the last 2 weeks – and we need it to stay that way for the next 2 as well to get everything manufactured!

Zak standing next to one of the recent deliveries!

Delivery of the boxes are arriving each day, and small teams are getting the other components prepared for the final packaging process, which should take up all of the Mantic team for all of next week – all done in social distanced, and safe environment.

Books! Books! Books!

On the week of 16th November we will be shipping out to stores and web pre-orders ready for launch on the 21st. Exciting times – and please keep checking in on the blog for updates and you can keep up with everything Armada-related here.

Packing boats!


Even while getting Armada ready, we will continue to ship web orders – they just might take a little longer to leave the warehouse than normal. We’ve recently had a restock on paints and general hobby supplies, so if you’re planning on starting a new project, make sure you get an order in quick. We’ve also got plenty (mostly) of armies in stock and ready to ship too! So what better time to start working on a new Kings of War army?

Check out the Mantic store here. And remember that all* orders over £60/€80/$100 qualify for free courier shipping, so should arrive quickly and safely without you need to leave the comfort of your own home.


Of course, keeping our staff safe is just part of our anti-COVID measures and we’re working hard to keep customers safe too.

– We’re going above and beyond guidelines for maintaining safety when picking and packing orders. There’s handwash absolutely everywhere and all the team have masks and gloves that are required to be worn at all time

– Orders are collected at structured set times, so there’s no contact between the various courier companies either


With gaming clubs closed, we realise that a lot of you will be looking at some way to get you fixed. Well, make sure you check out our Guide to Solo Gaming, which covers all the Mantic products that be played solo and even some FREE downloads!

To all customers, partners and staff, thanks for you support during an exceptionally difficult year. Please stay safe and, mostly importantly, keep hobbying!

*T&CS apply

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