In our previous blog we covered the top five reasons why EVERYONE needs to play DreadBall.

Today, we’re following it up with the five reasons ALL DreadBall coaches need to buy Magnetar Circuit – the new supplement heading your way next month.


Struggling to pass your Dash tests? Need some help distracting the Ref? Perhaps your top players keep getting taken out by vicious Slams. Well, the Support Specialists are here to save the day.

Support Specialists can be added to your team, just like coaches or cheerleaders… and you’ll have to pay, of course. However, they work slightly differently and can add additional successes to Dash, Armour or Distract tests. As such, they can make a massive difference to your game and are an essential purchase for ambitious coaches.

You’ll find the rules for using Support Specialists in Magnetar Circuit and the miniatures are available in the Magnetar Marvels set.


For experienced DreadBall coaches, do you crave a new way to play the game? Are you bored of always going for the easy strikes and shutting out your opponent with a simple seven points? Well, the new Magnetar pitch rules are here to mix things up… a lot!

The Magnetar Circuit supplement contains rules for four different pitches:

Cavlax VI – a swamp planet that’s notorious for dangerous vines that grow across the pitch. In fact, it’s so dangerous that some top players even refuse to play there and the crowd is almost non-existent.

New Atlantea – an underwater location that’s packed with new events, like strong currents that can move players around and sea creatures that are attracted to vicious slams! Plus, you’ll have to watch out for the razor coral. Ouch!

Ovostar-2 – ever wondered what it would be like to play DreadBall suspended on a pitch way above the ground? Well, Ovostar-2 is the answer. Unfortunately, someone forgot to put a barrier around the edge, so players may fall to their death when slammed. Thankfully BrenMed Industries – a division of (the totally not suspicious and in anyway dubious) MazonLife – is here with Cryorevision, which ensures your players come back mostly alive.

Memphis Max – need some extra cash for your league? Then it’s time to head to the casino. Memphis Max gives you the option to gamble on the outcome of the game. It also introduces Thoth, a new ref that likes to keep a close eye on fouls!


When Thoth isn’t stopping your players from stomping on each other, he is available as an MVP. Thoth is a fast-moving Guard, with a mighty move of 7 hexes and a Speed stat of 4+… making Dashes more than possible too. We think Thoth will become a must-have MVP and the rules are only available in Magnetar Circuit.


Want to play in a League to experience how players progress and learn new skills but haven’t got the time? Well, the historic matches are here to give you a quick league experience. Play with a roster of players that have gained new abilities… or lost some due to injury. The historic matches are a great way to try out some very different teams, compared to those in the rulebook. Magnetar Circuit includes four historic matches, set on the new pitches or you can just play them on the standard pitch too.


Perhaps one of the most important elements of Magnetar Circuit is that we’ve reprinted all the team stats. Although some are the same as those printed in the core rulebook, a number have been tweaked slightly to ensure they stay competitive. If you want to make sure you’re up to date with the latest stats, then Magnetar Circuit is a must-have purchase!


It’s time to head back to the pitch in this brand-new supplement for the galaxy’s most action-packed sport! Galactic Tour: Magnetar Circuit is a vital addition for any DreadBall coach that wants to make sure they stay competitive in the season ahead.

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Struggling to pass your Dash tests? Finding it hard to stop your star players getting wiped out? Need a little help distracting the ref? Then Support Specialists are a vital addition to your team! Magnetar Circuit includes rules for three assistants: Mechanic, Hydrator and The Fixer.

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