Are you struggling on how to expand your GCPS Firefight Strike Force? Need some tips about what units are going to boost your chances of victory? Just can’t decide between X and Y? Well, we’ve got just the blog series for you.

Our ‘what to get next’ blogs give you some suggestions about the best way to expand your ever-growing Strike Forces. These are suggestions of what to buy next to give you some alternate tactics, or provide a boost to the miniatures you already have.

We’ve already covered Asterians, Enforcers and Forge Fathers, and today we’re asking “do you wanna live forever” with the GCPS. Would you like to know more?

Also, thanks to GCPS expert Dylan Stone for compiling today’s selection.


TAC drones are quite versatile, as they can be equipped with either the default Autocannon for some anti-infantry pinning, heavy laser rifle which comes with AP2, or for slightly more points the Missile Launcher. In my opinion, missiles are better than both of the other two weapon options as they are range 36, 2D and AP2, same as the laser rifle, but they also come with Anti-Aircraft and Blast D4. Blast potentially increases the amounts of hits going through to damage and anti-aircraft is very useful to pin pesky fliers. There’s also an option for a Command Drone, which doesn’t have a weapon but contributes one Black die and gains Inspiring and Hacker.


Snipers can be deadly in Firefight, as they’re able to target specific models within a unit, e.g. annoying special weapons, medics or drones accompanying a squad. As a result a unit with four Snipers can be a useful toolbox to take out key threats, particularly as they Pin units when they take out a model. The range on the Snipers is another bonus, as they’ve got a 36” kill zone, which means you can keep them out of harm’s way at the back of the field, while picking off the opposition. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Targeting Systems keyword either, as this means you can target two different enemy units with one Activation. Ranger Snipers are +1 to hit, thanks to the Sniper Scope keyword, and you can boost this even further with the Focus Fire Faction Order, which gives them Weight of Fire (2), re-rolling two misses, and Marksman, re-rolling any 1s.


Riot Troopers are mainly an Assault unit, which is very rare for the GCPS. They have better than average SH and AS stats (4+s rather than 5+s) and they have Defensible, which gives them +1 AR if they are shot. As you would expect being a mainly close combat-focused unit, they pack a real punch when they get up close. In an Assault they have 3D each, with AP1, so you’ll be rolling 15 dice… which is potentially boosted to a 3+ on a Charge.

However, don’t ignore their shooting capability too. The Riot Guns have Knockback, so if they’re within 6” of the target, each gun gets +1 die… taking them up to the magic 15 again. A nasty combo would be to Shoot an enemy unit to soften them up, and then Advance into combat to finish them off. The Riot Troopers are very good at clearing out big infantry units or commander infantry, and for 75 points they are great value for the cost. It’s worth putting them inside a Mule transport so they can get where they need to be quickly and (relatively) safely.


Designed to be deployed by GCPS troops to deal with emergency crowd control situations, often once Containment Protocols have been declared, the TAC drones are a versatile workhorse that is becoming a common sight in cities across the Spheres.

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The Rangers are the elite of the GCPS militaries – professionals who have seen the horrors of the galaxy and survived. The Ranger tank hunter and sniper teams are tasked with going behind enemy lines and eliminating high-value targets whatever the cost.

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Most of the GCPS’ deployments are within their own borders – supressing civil unrest or eradicating insidious alien incursions. In the tight confines of the city sprawl, troopers are equipped for close quarters with shotguns and Suppressor shields.

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