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Mantic Monday – Behind The Scenes – Building Stock

28th Mar 2022

Jonny Mann

Welcome to Mantic Monday!

Every Monday we will bring you exclusive video content, behind the scenes peaks at the day to day of Mantic HQ, all your hobby and gaming tips, plus an array of exciting and engaging content from all the Mantic game systems and universes. Let us know if there’s something you would like to see!

We recently had a rather large delivery of terrain related stock arrive in the warehouse, allowing us to get some of those great sci-fi and modern sets back in stock*, as well as the Deadzone starter set, so go check that out!

Last week the Marketing team (with the aid of a pointed stick or two) “volunteered” to come down to the warehouse and help out with the building of stock.

They successfully built a few hundred of the Bustling Metropolis set from the TerrainCrate range. It’s good to know that I (Jonny) haven’t completely forgot how to graft in the warehouse since moving to the Marketing team last year [Ed’s note – creating YMCA-inspired GCPS pictures totally still count as grafting].

Sit back and enjoy this short behind the scenes video to see how some of our components are built up into the products you know and love.

The Bustling Metropolis set contains 358 pieces, so just imagine how many are in this video!

This set is fantastic for making dense modern terrain on a board between 4×4 and 6×4 depending how dense you want it and is also compatible with the most popular superhero skirmish game. Terrain Sizes: 1, 3, 4, 5.

Check out the range here!

Check back in next week for another instalment of Mantic Monday!

*at the time of writing.

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Bustling Metropolis

This set contains 358 pieces and allows you to construct a huge range of modern day buildings that will provide plenty of cover for a 6’x 4’ area (or a 4’x4’ area of dense modern terrain, suitable for post-apocalyptic or historical games.)

It contains a mix of modular intact and ruined Battlezones scenery tiles and several sets of accessories, including stop signs, bins, fences, fuse boxes and other details. You can expand this scenery set using other kits from Mantic’s Battlezones Tile System.

Also compatible with the most popular superhero skirmish game. Terrain Sizes: 1, 3, 4, 5

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted in coloured plastic.

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Deadzone 2-Player Starter Set

The best sci-fi skirmish game is about to get better. Third Edition takes everything you love about Deadzone and turns it up to an exploding 8.

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Sci-Fi Terrain: Deadzone

The pre-fabricated buildings that make up many human colonies and settlements are hard-wearing and built to last. They remain standing even when their occupants have fled or died as the result of being put under a Deadzone. This set includes all of the Scenery found in the Deadzone Two Player Starter Set, perfect for adding to your existing collection expanding your games!

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