The Abyss has opened and the demonic legions of the Wicked Ones march across the mortal world! The Forces of the Abyss are here, with hordes of infernal Abyssals available for you to command and conquer the world.


If you’re curious to see how these devils work on the field of battle, now is your chance. The Forces of the Abyssal Starter army list is available for download from our website, for free! Using this and the free core rules on line, you have everything you need to get started with the Forces of the Abyss, so you can ‘try before you buy’. Of course, the Kings of War Rulebook includes the full lists and rules for you to use, too.

Download your free Kings of War Forces of the Abyss Starter Army List!



If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, then we have another treat for you. Ahead of their spectacular release next month, we’re also making the Forces of Nature Starter list available for download, too!

Download your free Kings of War Forces of Nature Starter Army List!

Led by the mysterious Druids, the Forces of Nature are comprised of various wild creatures, including the water-dwelling Naiads, fire-blooded Salamanders and noble Centaurs. They can also summon powerful Elementals to aid them in battle. Whilst they maintain a true neutrality and peace in Mantica, when threatened, they can face any opponent and lay them low.



Check out the new Centaur models! These will be released as a high-quality metal kit, able to be built as Bray-Hunters or Bray-Striders, along with the rest of the Forces of Nature.

You can try Kings of War for free with any of the available armies on our Free Rules page. Let us know how your armies have been doing in battle below!

The Forces of the Abyss are available to buy right now, from our Webstore or any good Hobby Retailer! The Forces of Nature will be available to pre order very soon!

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