Rules Changes In FIREFIGHT: Command Protocols

1st Sep 2023

Dan Mapleston

Hi everyone,

We’re taking a break from our very exciting Worms Kickstarter Campaign to bring you an update on Firefight.

With the Command Protocols book now out in the wild, we wanted to give you a summary of the updates that the book makes to the previous ruleset. It’s quite the upgrade after some amazing work by the rules committee and playtesters, and has been very well-received so far!


  • Exceptional rolls: max 8 required to hit. No half dice now.
  • Game sizes: smaller games (to 1250pts) on 48” x 48”, and standard games of around 1500pts on 72” x 48”
  • Player with initiative chooses to go first or second in the Round.
  • Extra Activation cannot be used on the very first Turn of a Round.
  • Faction orders can each only be used once per Round.
  • Updated terrain heights and clarified Flyers and Obstacles. Added fortified terrain.
  • Added reference tables for unit types and terrain interaction.
  • Added Overwatch and Steady Aim actions.
  • Change Big targets to 4 height levels difference.
  • In assault, a charging unit with no LOS to the target gets -1 to hit.
  • Updated the rules on reserves and how they enter play.
  • Updated the rules for buildings and transports (including disembarking and assaults) and clarified how commanders work inside them.
  • A big overhaul of keywords, including some new ones and rewording/clarifications on many others.
  • Added the concept of Trademark weapons for factions, which interact with faction orders.
  • General rules edits for clarity and incorporation of previous FAQs.


  • Updated the guidelines on the amount of terrain to use in games, and added example photos.
  • Replaced all eight battle missions with new ones.


  • Added Mazon Labs
  • Changed the strike force selection rules:
    • For each Troop you can take 1 Specialist or 1 command.
    • For every two Troop units, you can take 1 Support unit.
    • Troops with the Auxiliary Keyword cannot be used to unlock other units.
    • Duplicates of Command, Specialist and Support units are restricted based on the game size being played.
  • All faction orders rewritten or replaced.
  • Every faction now has six faction orders to choose from.
  • Lots of adjustments to all the profiles and lists, including new options, units and vehicles.


  • Added the Annihilation game mode
  • Added the Annihilation force selection rules (which focus on Mechanised units)
  • Added the five new Annihilation missions

Phew – that’s it…we’ll see you all out there on the battlefield!

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Firefight: Command Protocols – Rulebook & Counters

This pack combines the new Firefight: Command Protocols book with all the tokens you need for the game. The Command Protocols book includes new content for existing players, plus the latest rules and updated force lists. And if you’re new to Firefight – start here!


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Forge Father Battlegroup

A classic Forge Father formation – a pair of Sturnhammers combined with the Karfi command tank. The Karfi is able to coordinate the orders and movement patterns of nearby friendly units, making their assault manoeuvres more efficient and deadly.


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Asterian Battlegroup

Many Clades will deploy Narsa Support Drone and Chroma Force Platforms in support of each other, the resulting formation being exponentially more powerful than the sum of its parts. The twin Chromas can use their firepower to protect the lightly armed Narsa, while the support drone itself can use its scanners and relays to improve the Chroma’s targeting solutions and reaction times.


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Veer-Myn Battlegroup

One of the Veer-myn’s most powerful mechanical creations is the Tunneller. The Veer-myn are masters of repurposing the machinery of their hosts and mining equipment is frequently put to especially good use. A Tunneller may be capable of digging through kilometres of rock, literally undercutting any defensive perimeter, only to erupt amidst an enemy’s positions and disgorge gangs of screeching Night Crawlers. Dismissed as a mere rumour for the longest time, or simply believed to be the mad ravings of shell-shocked weaklings, the existence of Veer-myn Tangles has now been confirmed to be no less than a deadly and disturbing fact. It was only a matter of time before a warped Veer-myn mind decided to fuse both these contraptions into one burrowing horror.


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GCPS / Marauder / Mazon Labs / Plague Battlegroup

A tight-meshed command & control structure is critical to the smooth operation of all troops. Get it right and officers can seamlessly combine their ground and air assets to devastating effect. This set includes a command Mule and two Hornets.

The command Mule can be assembled and used as either a Canis command vehicle (GCPS & Mazon Labs), Propogator command vehicle (Plague) or a Raider command vehicle (Marauders).

NOTE: The vehicles in this battlegroup can be fielded by either GCPS, Marauders, Mazon Labs or Plague forces.


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GCPS / Marauder / Plague Wolverine Battlegroup

The venerable Wolverine has been in service to the GCPS for centuries. First introduced to frontline combat by the Jarek Corporation in 723AE during the Siege of Arkon VII, the design was seemingly a throwback to a bygone era. However, due to its durability, ruggedness and utility, it quickly became popular with remote outposts where funding the latest military hardware, and finding the people and parts to maintain it, was a serious challenge. The basic design has remained fairly stable through the years, although local customisations and modifications can be found throughout the GCPS. One of the most obvious, and prevalent variants is the APC, used to safely transport infantry into the thick of the action.

While the mega-corporations like Mazon Labs exclusively showcase the latest military hardware, many remote garrisons in the outer spheres will frequently field Wolverine formations, as they are so cheap and easy to keep running – but of course, where a planet or sector has fallen to the Plague, then the very same vehicles will fall into the hands of the infected. The Marauders especially like it – it has a certain brutish charm that appeals to their nature.

NOTES: The Wolverine can be deployed by the following factions – GCPS, Marauders, & Plague. Each vehicle in this Battlegroup set can be built as either a Wolverine Tank or a Wolverine APC.


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