For those of you who have been after the Kings of War Command upgrade components for your forces, we’re delighted to announce that you can now find them on the Mantic webstore.

These are metal parts that can be added to regiment sets to represent banners, musicians and champions in units. While they do not affect the unit in the game, they will make your units stand out on the field, which will be especially useful to those of you who like to go all out when building your armies.

The seletion includes the following sets:

There is also one set – the Ogre Berseker Braves Command –  that has never been released into the wild until now! This is the equivalent of seeing a particularly rare Pokemon in some wild grass outside your house. Catch it quick before it disappears again.

The command sets can also be combined with spare miniatures to create heroes for your armies. Use the parts for Leaders and Army Standard Bearers or even use them to represent Magic Items (pipes of terror, anyone?). Let your imagination run wild.

On the Warpath

With the retail release of a our Sci-Fi wargame, Warpath, looming and Deadzone 2 going strong, we’re also adding some weapon upgrade sets to the webstore for your forces. The Strider Burst Laser and Iron Ancestor Doomstorm Cannon are now available separately to upgrade your walkers. Remember you can find the Rules for Strider Burst Lasers in Deadzone: Nexus Psi!

Enforcer players can now upgrade their squads with heavy weapons, too. The Heavy Support and Breach & Eradicate upgrade sets add some serious punch to your firepower, including missile launchers, thermal mines and a thermal rifle. All of these packs can be used in games of either Warpath or Deadzone, to upgrade individual models or whole squads. Remember that the first rule of a firefight is to bring enough guns; more than enough is also acceptable (insert appropriate pewpew noises here).

All of these new sets are available to purchase right now from the Mantic webstore!

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