We Love The Cut Of These Jibs – Armada Community Round Up

9th Mar 2023

Jonny Mann

Are you ready kids?

I can’t hear you!


Wants to see some amazing things from around the Armada Community?

We set sail with Haggai. As one of our Pathfinders, he has been running some great Armada demo games this month.

“The player asked to play a full game the next day. I also met a player who I’d previously demoed Dreadball to and he was excited to learn Armada too.”

Rob from Rob’s Tabletop World has been learning the ropes on his channel and put together this informative video. Be sure to also check out his interview with Ronnie over on his YouTube channel, where they discuss how far Mantic has come in a short space of time. There might even be the odd spoiler for what’s on the horizon.

Chris KirkPatrick has a mast quite the Twilight kin Fleet. The gold detailing really sets off the purple sails but let’s talk about those bases! They are fantastic, you could really imagine some terrifying creature lurking down there in the deep.

Many of you veterans of the sea will be well aware by now of Maciej’s work but that isn’t going to stop us from hoisting the flag, nor is it going to stop our amazement. His work is truly oar inspiring and this diorama of the Empire Of Dust Fleet is no exception.

Back over on YouTube Lazy Pirate Painting has been playing out a great battle between the noble Basileans and the maleficent Twilight Kin.

Why are they called “Lazy Pirate Painting”?

Because they Aaarrgghhh!

If the horrors of the Twilight Kin send fear through your heart, maybe Carl Newbolds’ ships are better for your Elf. Those blood red sails look to have some great movement to them.

On Twitch Armada Mondays return to James Wapples channel starting with this Trident Realm stream. He’s done a Kraken job on these new sculpts. Don’t forget you can still pre-order them HERE.

We love this image from Scott Washburn taken during the calm before the storm, or the first turn to those landlubbers reading. The addition of the Burgee on the main masts really adds that extra touch to the fleets.

Mich Cie is well known in the Kings Of war community for his great looking armies and he’s a boat load of talent when it comes to painting for Armada too.

Finally, before we lift the anchor on this blog, Tom’s Tabletop Bunker have also put together another great battle report. This time it’s a 150pts fight between the Northern Alliance and Dwarves.

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