What does the future hold for the Dungeon Adventures?

19th Jan 2023

Martin Thirlwell

Martin Here! For those that missed the teaser in Christmas blog I wanted to go over what the future holds for the Dungeon Adventures range. You may have noticed that Wave One got its full launch this month! 🙂

In April, Wave two of these awesome RPGs are set to hit the shelves of our retail partners (and the Mantic webstore of course). Much like Wave One there will be two brand-spanking new adventures for your RPG group to collect, along side a range of character boxes, monster sets and gaming aids.

The two adventure sets will each contain adventure books to guide the Dungeon Master through the two exciting missions. The books contains all the stats for minions and bosses that you will encounter, plus guidance for your Games Master on what is in each room and where to put the scenery! The boxes also have beautifully illustrated two-sided maps for your adventuring team to explore through plus pre-assembled, coloured, hard plastic scenery.

Vol 3 – Beware the Green Rage

In this adventure the heroes are tasked with hunting down and dealing with an Orc Warlord whose tribe has been ravaging the land! Is he in his abandoned mine hideout? Are there any other treasures to pick up on the way? Down into the gloom they go….

Vol. 4 – Curse of the Vampire

There have been rumours of people being found, drained of their blood. A rival adventure party were sent to investigate but they never returned. Your adventure group have been tasked with finding out if they have met a grizzly end and more importantly, what is causing all this carnage?

As with Wave One we are supporting the launch with a selection of accompanying products, which will help bring your gaming evening to life! These sets include Flame and Ice markers, Dungeon Rogues and Bosses and even a set of Halfling heroes!

We will of course have a deep dive on all things Dungeon Adventures when they are available for pre-order in a month or so.. Until then, enjoy Wave One and HAPPY ADVENTURING!

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