Career Opportunities At Mantic Games

1st Nov 2023

Dan Mapleston

At Mantic Games we create immersive tabletop worlds with exciting gameplay, amazing miniatures, and accessible rules.

Achieving this, and bringing those great experiences to the global hobby community takes a diverse mix of roles and skills behind the scenes.

We’re a creative, friendly, and passionate team looking for brilliant people with an authentic love for the hobby and the right business skills to join us. Could you be one of them?

If you would like to apply to any of the roles featured on this page, please send your application as described in the job pack to [email protected]

EU / Rest of World Trade Sales Manager

As the European and ROW Trade Sales Manager, you will be responsible for expanding our market presence by acquiring and growing key accounts, developing effective sales strategies, and ensuring maximum market penetration across Europe and ROW. Your role is vital in driving the company’s growth and success on a global scale.

Application Deadline: 12th November 2023

Creative Marketing Manager

As a Marketing Executive specialising in graphic design, video production, and social media engagement, you will be responsible for developing and executing multi-channel marketing strategies to promote our products/services and engage with our target audience. You will work closely with our marketing team to create compelling visual and video content, manage social media platforms, and drive brand awareness. This is a fantastic opportunity for a creative professional to make a significant impact on our brand’s online presence.

Application Deadline: 12th November 2023

Events and Community Coordinator

As the Events and Community Coordinator, you will play a crucial role in expanding the Mantic Games community, enhancing our presence at events and conventions worldwide, and managing our in-house retail store. You will be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with our volunteer Pathfinders, organising and attending events, and ensuring our retail store operates effectively.

Application Deadline: 12th November 2023