Mantic Vault – November 2023 Preview

27th Oct 2023

Elliott Barratt

Hi everyone,

For our growing numbers of Mantic Vault fans, we have a real treat for you coming on November 1st!

The next pack supplements and upgrades two of our popular starter sets: ‘Assault on Exham‘ for Firefight and ‘Sands of Ahmun‘ for Kings of War.

This next collection of STL files comes crammed with upgrades, new terrain, and even some full models! So, let’s break it down…

Kings of War: Empire of Dust Units & Upgrades

  • Empire of Dust Sandborne Wymriders Unit Pack (full unit, alternate sculpts to retail)
  • Empire of Dust Deadeye Crossbows Upgrade Pack
  • Empire of Dust Revenants Upgrade Pack

Kings of War: Ogre Upgrades

  • Ogre Shooters Upgrade Pack

Firefight: Forge Father Vehicle Upgrades

  • Forge Father Karfi Command Tank Upgrade Pack
  • Forge Father Gungnir Artillery Tank Upgrade Pack

Firefight & Deadzone: Forge Father Terrain Pack

  • Forge Father Foundry Terrain Pack
  • Forge Father Engineer Crawler (the foundry’s automaton)

Firefight: Veer-myn Vehicle Upgrades

  • Veer-myn Shield Tunneller Upgrade Pack
  • Veer-myn Saturation Tunneller Upgrade Pack
  • Veer-myn Tangle Tunneller Upgrade Pack

Phew, that’s going to keep you all busy for a while – we especially can’t wait to see your Firefight vehicle squadrons (all ready to play Annihilation games), and even some Forge Father workshop dioramas.

Have fun!


Related Products

Kings of War: Sands of Ahmun (2-Player Starter Set)

This new two-player starter is the perfect introduction for Kings of War – the mass fantasy battle game. Sands of Ahmun is set in the parched wastes to the west of Ophidia, and lets players relive the battles between the evil Empire of Dust and tough ogre mercenaries hired to keep them in line!

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Empire of Dust Skeleton Warriors / Spearmen / Archers

At its height, the Ahmunite Empire possessed thousands of well-trained soldiers. As the use of necromancy spread, ranks of raised corpses replaced these legions. These armies are equipped in death much as they were in life. Infantry regiments carry tall shields and fight with either spears or a variety of ancient hand weapons. Ranged troops are generally equipped with bows and while their role remains unchanged today, their demise and decay has cost them much of their ability.

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Ogre Warriors / Boomers

Ogres are extremely strong, and so carry heavy swords and shields. Ogre armour in the north is generally of tough hide, but once they join a mercenary band an Ogre will spend their first few months’ pay on proper armour of thick iron plates – all provided at a reasonable price by his captain, of course. Some of them favour huge two-handed weapons they call Orc Cleavers, which, when brought down hard on the skull of an Orc generally tend to live up to their name.

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Firefight: Assault on Exham (2-Player Starter Set)

This fantastic starter set boasts over 55 highly detailed Mantic miniatures, including vehicles, rules and force lists, a quick start guide, dice and tokens. This box is a perfect introduction to the Warpath Universe and the immersive, tactical and action-packed tabletop game of Firefight.

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Forge Father Sturnhammer Battle Tank

Armed with a main battery of Heavy Hailstorm Cannons and clad in armour capable of withstanding all but the most powerful and well-placed blasts, the Sturnhammer inexorably carries the might of the Forge Fathers to war.

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Veer-myn Tunneller

Often the first an enemy will know of the presence of a Tunneller is when a unit disappears, swallowed up by sinkhole that suddenly opens beneath them. Filled to bursting with a mass of Veer-Myn or heavy chemical weapons, these infernal machines are a constant threat.

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