Welcome Coaches to the OverDrive Locker Room! This is the place to come for exclusive sneak peeks at the players you’ll be battling it out with in the arena when OverDrive launches this September. In each blog we’ll be taking a closer look at the background, stats and tactics for each player. Today we’re getting a giant bag of cat nip ready as we meet Tigrax.

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If you want to learn a bit more about how the game plays, before reading about each character, check out this video from Blackjack Legacy, which explains the basics.


Tigrax are a race of large swamp panther that were indigenous to the planet Cavlax VI. Unfortunately, when Cavlax Industries heavily industrialised the planet, the tigrax were forced out of their territory and into direct conflict with the workers. Sensing a kindred spirit, the Yndij fronted a conservation mission to save as many tigrax cubs as they could before they were wiped out by Cavlax Industries. Keen to bring attention to the plight of tigrax, Kl’ateu rides a tigrax into the Overdrive arena, hoping its naturally violent streak will win over fans.


First up Tigrax is fast, like really fast! With a move stat of 6, you’re going to be able to run around the arena with relative ease – although Dashing might be a little tricky thanks to a 5+ Speed stat. Elsewhere, Tigrax’s stats are fairly average compared to most other Players… but that’s before you consider Stalk.

When Tigrax is activated you can place a ‘Stalk’ token on an opposing Player (using one of the status tokens that comes with a game). Of course, tigrax is used to hunting its prey in the swamps of Cavlax VI, so it makes sense it would try the same tactics in the OverDrive arena too. Once you’ve started stalking an opposing Player, Tigrax will get a +2 on any action that targets that Player. That’s right, any action! You’re not just limited to Slams, as it could also apply to passing the bomb, stealing the flag or even lobbing the Dodgebrawl straight into their face (if Synechdoche actually has a face).

However, the restriction is that you can only Stalk one player at a time and the token is only removed once they have been knocked out, or Tigrax gets knocked out. So, make sure you choose your target wisely because it’s going to be tricky to rectify that mistake.

You can also combine Stalk with Tigrax’s OverDrive ability – Vicious Swipe. When making a Slam, if Tigrax wins the Slam (and he probably should do against an opponent that he’s stalking) then the target’s Move stat is reduced by 2 for the remainder of the current Rush and the subsequent Rush. This is superb for countering fast-moving players or severely reducing the threat range of slow characters like Brank or Dozer who normally move just 4 because after being swiped by Tigrax they’ll only move two hexes. Nasty!

Finally, Deadzone players may be interested to hear that Tigrax will be available as an option to add to your Rebs Strike Team (Woo! Go Rebs!). The Tigrax Outrider is a Specialist that’s armed with a rifle, rather than a DreadBall glove… which probably wouldn’t be much use in a Deadzone. Hmm, we should probably have a book or something with this new unit in.